Manifest with Year of Dragon Energy

Oh my gosh, can you feel it? The Year of the Dragon is upon us, bringing with it a whirlwind of wisdom, good luck, and success. But how exactly can we tap into this marvelous manifesting energy? That’s what we’re looking at today! Here are 8 ways that Dragon energy during this year of dragon…

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Power Animal Oracle Cards: Decks to Check Out

I love using oracle cards to connect with power animals. Sometimes I might not know the best animal to help with a specific situation. Other times I have an idea, and working with an oracle deck helps to confirm that my intuition was right. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to reconnect with your own spiritual…

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Lionsgate Portal: 5 Quick Ways to Harness The Power

lionsgate portal 5 quick ways to harness the power

Lionsgate Portal brings an energetic, spiritual and vibrational increase. Who wouldn’t love that? The upgrade of Lionsgate Portal makes manifesting easier and quicker with a boost of energy and aligning with more prosperity. Maybe you’re in the game of life, juggling family, school and a career. This time brings the material and immaterial into balance.…

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Full Moon in Leo : 3 Powerful Things You Must Do

Trish McKinnley smiling with a mug of tea and 'Full Moon in Leo' written beside her

What an exciting time. Full moon AND in Leo ♌! Here are 3 ways to make sure you’re using the full moon in Leo to be a purrrfect super power.   Full moon brings all the feels. Emotions are running at an all-time high and Leo bringing in that sexy air of confidence. Put it together…

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Year of the Rat 2020 Energy Overview

Image of Trish with the words Align with 'Year of the Rat Energy'

Do you ever wish you could see opportunities before they were missed opportunities? Have you ever wished that THIS year would be the year for wishes to come true? Hooray! Cause here’s 3 ways to unlock the successful energy of the Year of the Rat 2020.   With Rat being the first Chinese sign, the Year of…

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Chickens Bust a Move & You Can Too!

National Dance Like A Chicken Day is May 14th. No need to don feathers, though. All you need to do to celebrate is dance the Chicken Dance. It’s that irresistible, perky polka that gets all ages on the dance floor at weddings, festivals and celebrations! Movements mimicking chickens are easy and fun. In fact, the…

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Power Animals At Your Service

Power Animals at your service!

Imagine needing some help with an important matter…if you had access to working with an expert in that field, free of charge, would you take it? And, then, if the action steps your expert suggested were simple, easy-to- do and obviously would be successful, would you do them? (No brainer, right?!)   And what if…

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