Lionsgate Portal: 5 Quick Ways to Harness The Power

lionsgate portal 5 quick ways to harness the power

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Lionsgate Portal brings an energetic, spiritual and vibrational increase. Who wouldn’t love that? The upgrade of Lionsgate Portal makes manifesting easier and quicker with a boost of energy and aligning with more prosperity.

Maybe you’re in the game of life, juggling family, school and a career. This time brings the material and immaterial into balance. Wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time to put all the desires in order so what you want actually happens?

I’m going to be sharing 5 Quick Ways to claim this energy, but first, why Lionsgate Portal shift matters.

You may already be experiencing the energy of this powerful time!

You may have gone through lots of Augusts without noticing anything. Maybe you did!

  • Tingliness like maybe too much coffee.
  • Frustration without knowing why.
  • Unexpected and/or unexplained emotional flair-ups.
  • Restless sleep.
  • Anxiety but uncertain over what.
  • Noticing worldly anger.

These signs are alerting you that you’re sensitive and ready for a shift.

You are about to be going through a growth spurt! Get ready!

The new you will have increased intuition, energy, and heightened connection with your spirit squad (angels, spirit guides and loved ones who’ve passed.)

You also are entering a time of increased manifesting. For a quick shortcut you can align with this Lionsgate Portal Guided Meditation.  Connecting with this natural heightened frequency boosts your magnet power for abundance and prosperity. 


What is a Lionsgate Portal?

This event occurs every August 8th when the Sun, Sirius and Earth take their perfect places for this energetic shower.  Sirius is the 2nd brightest star and is sometimes called our “Spiritual Sun” and is known for her energy giving powers.


This wonderful time is an

annual present from the universe.

She uses this gift to

raise our vibration and our love. 

What kind of power are we talking about?

If you know anyone born under the sign of  Leo, then you have a pretty good idea of what kind of energy this time brings: Powerful! Loving! Centerstage!

Lionsgate celebrates this happening during the astrological sign of Leo.

Lion energy brings increased feminine energies. This leads to increased creativity, nurturing and intuition.) Lion also reminds us to have the courage to pursue our dreams and ROAR when we need to be heard. She’s a loving and powerful influence and super helpful in attaining your desires. Plus, she teaches balance, patience and sexiness. Can we ever have too much of that?!

The number 8  is powerful! This number brings abundance and financial prosperity!

The number 8 also brings  a balance to your material & immaterial world, plus a big ol’ boost in the category of success, ambition, & abundance. Knowing she’s adding a double dose of blessings, get your dreams ready and all the prosperity begin.


Grab the Lionsgate Portal Energy Guide Here:


5 Quick Ways to Claim Lionsgate Portal Power

By preparing ahead of time, you can have your spiritual “shopping list” penned up and ready to go!


1) Write out Your Goals

Write out your dream. What is it that you truly desire?

Maybe you’re already working on achieving your dreams, but things seem stalled or blocked. This energy will not only reveal what’s keeping you from achieving your dream, but alternative steps. You must know where you want to go before your angels can show you shortcuts.

I always add, “this or something better” to make sure I don’t miss out!  You’ll be surprised what new opportunities will come your way. Stay open because great things are in store for you!


2) Pay Attention to the Signs & Intuitive Nudges

You’re looking to benefit from this high vibrational shift. You do NOT want to miss it.

So start looking, listening and paying attention to your surroundings. Angels are already attempting to give you messages and signs. Your loved ones are attempting to cheer you on. When you “explain” away or disbelieve the messages, you’re shutting down the open lines of communication.


For example, your mom has passed. She always loved ladybugs.

Suddenly there is a ladybug crawling on your windshield. It’s random. You were heading to Target and you suddenly noticed a cutie had hitched on a ride!

You have the choice.

Do you believe that bug was there because she wanted a place to land – or – do you know that ladybug was a sign from your mom offering encouragement?

Signs are like that.

Some can argue. In fact, they probably will argue. However, the choice is always yours.

If you believe it’s a sign, consider what you were just thinking about. You’ll be amazed the discovery and clear messages you receive when you’re open. Begin now and after the Lionsgate Portal, it’ll feel even more natural.


3) Release Worry and Fear

We all know worry robs our joy and our time. In fact, over 85% of the things we worry about never happen. So this is the best time to release the shadows and sneaky crevices of worry. Get rid of that worry loop! (Need steps to break the worry loop? Here’s a podcast I did with DandiSoul).

Fear is known as False Evidence Appearing Real. (Another joy stealer). This is the time to acknowledge what’s playing in your thoughts that are holding you back so you can release with this powerful, confident-boosting energy! This belief has been holding you back waaaay too long! Identify it and let it go. You’ll have lots of vacant space for this super charging shift.


4) Grab Pen and Begin Automatic Writing

Sure you can journal. When isn’t journalling helpful? You can meditate! Always helpful. So what about automatic writing?

Get comfortable. (Under the covers as you’re about to doze is perfect!) Have a notebook and pen and begin writing. Allow whatever comes to mind be captured on your paper. Being sleepy helps avoid your internal critiquing and editing.

Start writing!

If you’re uncertain what to write, then just start writing anything that is popping into your thoughts. Write it. Exciting prompts would capture your intimate questions, including those things you may not want to admit or may feel too personal to share. This is between you and your angels. Practice. The more you communicate, the more you’ll feel their presence and connect with their messages.

This connection is heightened from July 23 – August 22. You can keep the partnership with your angels going throughout the year.They’re available 24/7/365. They desire the relationship. Just get started.

Keep in mind: Allow the words to flow. Don’t hold the pen tightly. Trust the messages.


Don’t Forget-

Grab the Lionsgate Portal Energy Guide Here:


5) Expand in Love

Every expression of love opens this portal even more and puts you in direct alignment. You will benefit from the influx of warmth, patience and confidence. The plants and animals will benefit from your positive, higher vibration. Your light will truly be a game changer for everyone you meet.

Get in harmony with this vibration by showing gratitude every chance you can. Compliment others. Go out of your way to do acts of kindness. Trust intuitive nudging and your instincts knowing where to reach out and make a difference. Start spreading  love. The more you give the more you really will receive.


By using the Lionsgate Portal and the 5 quick ways to harness the power you’ll be able to prepare ahead of time and step in to this powerful energetic shift of the Lionsgate Portal, every year on August 8th. (You can apply these steps at any time and still receive vibrational boosts.)

High vibration enables you to manifest easier and quicker, so take action and let your dreams come true!

I believe in you!







If you’re feeling all of this is clear as mud, please comment below with your questions or email me!

Thank you for joining me! Please feel free to share this if you know anyone who can benefit!



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