Full Moon in Leo : 3 Powerful Things You Must Do

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2020 Year of Rat Energy Overview

2020 Year of Rat Energy Overview

What an exciting time. Full moon AND in Leo ♌! Here are 3 ways to make sure you’re using the full moon in Leo to be a purrrfect super power.


Full moon brings all the feels. Emotions are running at an all-time high and Leo bringing in that sexy air of confidence. Put it together and what do you get?


An emotional hot-mess or a confident, courageous sexy ME-WOW!


How to Use Full Moon in Leo



1 – Full Moon in Leo is a time to be heard


Sometimes our message may not seem clear. Maybe our voice needs to be louder? Perhaps our intuitive voice seems thick with static.


Whatever message you’d like to become crystal clear – use this potent ritual, Drink to My Success.


1. Set your intention for your voice to get clear and loud.

2. Make a cup of tea.

3. As the tea is steeping, cradle the mug between your fingers.

4. Close your eyes.

5. Imagine sparkles showering into the mug. Each sparkle containing the energy of your desires. (for example: concise messages, clear communication, obvious intuitive insight)

6. When you feel your tea is charge with your desires, say,“Thank you for the blessings poured into this tea. I gratefully receive all the energetic gifts as it becomes a part of me.”


A mug of tea and flowers with the words "thank you for the blessings poured into this tea"


7. Drink the tea. You don’t have to chug. Finish at your normal pace.

8. Allow the increased vibration to do it’s thing!


2 – Express Yourself


The full moon in Leo is a superb time for expressing your inner sexiness, claiming the stage and celebrating your inner flow. The purpose is to get moving, open up to your natural and innate gifts and claim your power.


Find any movement YouTube video: line dancing tutorial, belly dancing class or stretch through some yoga poses. Get moving. And, here’s the really fun part….Do this activity in front of a mirror.


a woman with sunglasses and headphones dancing


Now, no critiquing! 🙅‍♀️


Leo’s love compliments. Your soul does too. Use the full moon to bask in your awesomeness.


Spend 5 – 10 minutes doing this activity in front of your mirror complimenting yourself the whole time. No snarkiness or sarcasm. JUST LOVE. Say your compliments outloud. Remember to smile! Darling, you truly are purrrrrfect.


3 – Reclaim your power during this full moon in Leo


Every Goddess knows full moon in Leo is a dynamic time. She recognizes her strengths and enhances them. This is also a great time to get honest and allow the full moon to reveal what is blocking her power!


Be honest with yourself.

Be open to seeing your shadow self.

Acknowledge the steps you can do to shift.


If you’re a Goddess of Action – you’re naturally confident in trusting your gut-feelings. Sometimes, too focused on one goal, this may block alternate paths. Use this full moon to illuminate your best course.


If you’re a Goddess of Order – you’re naturally confident in your plans and execution. Don’t allow detailitis to block or delay your progress. Use this full moon to see where your desire for perfection may be stalling your success.


If you’re a Goddess of Optimism – you’re naturally confident in that spotlight. You love to be loved and feel at home in this Leo light. All this full moon to reveal any incomplete strategies that could possible dull your shine.


If you’re a Goddess of Peace – you’re naturally confident in maintaining balance. However, friends in need and other urgent matters may disrupt your energy to pursue your great plan. This full moon in Leo is just the thing to fuel your spiritual, mental and physical tank. Rev you up. And, have you dashing towards completion. Flash Jr, in the making!


Whatever your Goddess preference, use this full moon in Leo to own and flaunt your secret blend of charisma and charm.


If you’re unsure of your Goddess personality preference take the quiz and find out!



Full moon in Leo is here for you to reclaim your power and boost your self-image. Will you allow this powerful time to amp your brilliance and allow your gorgeous light to shine?


Let me know what you experience during a full moon! Comment below!


And if you know of someone who would benefit from this and would also like to connect with the Full Moon in Leo’s manifesting energy, please share this with them!





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