1212 Portal Merkaba Gateway Guided Meditation

1212 Portal Merkaba Guided Meditation title image. Photo of Trish holding golden pyramid above her head.

This 1212 Portal Merkaba Gateway Guided Meditation is from my recent livestream. Afterwards, I received so many comments and requests for the 1212 Portal Merkaba Gateway meditation.🌈 The Merkaba Gateway remains open for 9 days. So, instead of having to listen to the whole program, here is the guided meditation segment that you can listen…

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Autumn Equinox Rituals: 5 Key Things To Do

Autumn leaves on ground in bright sunlight with title'autumn equinox rituals' on top

Autumn equinox rituals seem to be highlighted with Pumpkin Spice lattes, pulling out our favorite sweaters and discussing  the changing, beautiful leaf colors.  However, there are more to-do’s to add to your fall fun! These autumn equinox rituals will have you harvesting happiness and harnessing the powerful energy of this day.  Autumn is a time…

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How to Improve Focus and Concentration

Have you ever needed to be present?   Or needed instant improved focus and concentration?   Especially without any distractions or negativity seeping into your voice or attitude?   Then you’re ready for this!   Grounding, centering and focusing are frequently mentioned in the same breath as meditating or manifesting.    However, grounding and centering…

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Mini Meditation: Low Time, Huge Benefits

How to Mini Meditation | Trish Mckinnley

Full disclosure. I didn’t know I could do a mini-meditation. Having meditated since I was 15, I used to think I had to sit for at least a half hour or more to gain any benefits. So, a meditation was absolutely NOT what I was looking to do when I was nervous, procrastinating or dreading…

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