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Summer Solstice Crystals | 9 Best Crystals for Manifesting

Celebration of success, fertility and growth occurs during the Summer Solstice. Summer Solstice Crystals tap into and magnify this fiery and positive energy.  Why use Crystals for Manifesting During the Summer Solstice? Crystals naturally empower and attract the positive energy and magnify the intention. The Summer Solstice has the longest day of solar power. (Read…

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Crystals to Help Sleep

Crystals to help sleep

It seems like we are all on an eternal quest for a good night’s sleep. Right?     You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed.   But that’s where you are probably WRONG!  Have you tried using crystals?? Yes, you heard me… Crystals can help…

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Why Are Crystals So Powerful

Why are crystals powerful

  Crystals have been around F-O-R-E-V-E-R.   Cleopatra loved them.  Saint Hildegard von Bingen preached to the Pope about crystals.   Crystals are even mentioned 200 times in the Bible!  Exodus 28:15-31 : Aaron’s Breastplate goes into great detail about the crystals and gemstones adorned on the breastplate of the high priest, Aaron.   So…

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Best Crystals To Overcome Worry

Crystals to overcome worry

Crystals have a vibration. We have a vibration. When the two come together, great shifts happen! This video includes a quick run-down why this connection exists, which stones are best for overcoming worry and how to use them!       XOXO,     Want to stay up-to-date on powerful animal guidance? Subscribe to my…

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