This NEW online course will walk you through exactly what you need to know about working with and meeting fairies.

🧚‍♀️ Attract the love of your life, that soul mate that you KNOW is looking just for YOU

🧚‍♂️ Make your home a zen space instead of a war zone

🧚‍♂️ Get your kids to bed without any hassle, making stalling tactics a thing of the past

🧚‍♂️ Manifest money so you can finally financially relax

🧚 Rediscover being happy and filled with knowing everything really is great


Fairies are the keepers and caretakers of nature. We've worked with them since the beginning of time. Reconnecting with fairies, brings joy, blessings and magic back to your life!


Work with fairies when you want help:

  • overcoming a brown thumb
  • overcoming anxiety and stress
  • creating a better relationship with our pets
  • paying the mortgage
  • exploring the healing arts
  • boosting your intuition
  • adding magic back into your life

Start working with them today!

Check out one of the fairy blog posts:

Are fairies good or bad title image with forest background

Are Fairies Good or Bad?

I frequently get asked, are fairies good or bad? You know, it’s easy to wonder. Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” definitely not nice, but Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, they totally are. And isn’t that kind of the case in all things? There’s always that balance. That good and bad. But was Maleficent really evil, or was…
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Fairy Affirmations

Fairy Affirmations

Fairy affirmations open you to fairy connections. Stating these fairy affirmations break down and release any mindset blockages, fears, or worries. Repeating fairy affirmations align you with the right vibration to meet, work, and manifest with fairies! How to make the most of Fairy Affirmations Fairies open magical doors to manifesting an enchanted and wonderful…
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Headshot of Trish in front of trees with the title 'How to see a fairy' beside her

How to See a Fairy & Use Their Energy to Manifest Them Instead of Blocking Them

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared with you how to use fairy energy to manifest and how to stop blocking fairy energy so now you should be ready to learn how to see a fairy! You now know fairies: Help you manifest Also speed up and make manifesting easier Bring joy, optimism and creativity Connect…
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Trish putting her hands up with 'how to unblock fairy energy' written over her

How to Unblock Fairy Energy for Easier Manifesting

Working with fairies helps you be happier, more joyous, more optimistic, more creative and…fairies help you manifest more easily! So it’s time to unblock fairy energy!! In last week’s video I explained how fairy energy is perfect for manifesting what you desire. You know it and yet nothing seems to be happening… If you’re feeling like fairies…
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Headshot of Trisha McKinnley with the title 'Fairy Energy for Manifesting' Overlaying

Fairy Energy for Manifesting What You Desire

Fairies bring a great energy for manifesting! It’s time to discover how you can use fairy energy for manifesting what you desire.   When was the last time you really thought of fairies? Maybe it was when you were a child clapping along because Peter Pan said we had to clap & let Tinkerbell know that we believed in…
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Or watch one of the fairy videos:

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