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Moon Cycles and How They Affect Us

Moon Cycles and how they affect us

Are you hearing all this talk about the moon and its energy? Do you wonder how you can harness this energy to make your dreams come true?   Ancestors during the Ice Age were carving lunar calendars 32,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians joined the calendar craze around 6000 BC. These calendars were used for planting,…

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FULL MOON: How to Harness Full Moon Energy for Positive Energy

Third Wave Full Moon

Full moons are gorgeous and bright and…..(drumroll please) the perfect time for a release.   And, while you may be only speculating about werewolves shifting, you know there is definitely energy in the air. Right? You can totally feel it. Full moon brings the energy of illumination.   The sky is lit up!   And so is your…

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3 Ways to Make the Most of August’s Full Moon

August 2018 Full Moon . 4

  Every Full Moon brings impactful energy. In today’s video you will learn 3 ways to use this moon to uncover what is blocking your dreams from fulfillment.     Tonight’s Sturgeon Full Moon brings the energy to go deep and figure out what is going on with your dreams.   Talk to Your Angels…

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New Moon Challenge- Day 3

Congratulations! You’re on Day 3 of the New Moon Challenge! Today is digging deeper. To me, that sounds like work and makes me want to whine. If I feel like that, then there is no way I’m going to put you through that!      XOXO,   Want to stay up-to-date on powerful animal guidance?…

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Day 2 New Moon Challenge – Gemini

New Moon Challenge- Day 3

Congratulations! You’re on Day 2! Today is super easy! This assignment of the challenge has only two steps! Do NOT overthink! Allow your thoughts to flow. Allow your intuition to have a strong voice! Be sure to grab a pen and paper before you get started!   Great job! You are one day closer to…

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Day 1 New Moon Challenge – Gemini

New Moon Challenge- Day 1

New Moon Challenge A New Moon brings energy of new beginnings, new insights, new direction, new oomph for change! A Gemini New Moon brings an emphasis on communication.  What a perfect time for a New Moon Challenge!   Focus of This Challenge Life can be crazy. When we let the worry, anxiety and stress get…

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