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chicken dance day

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National Dance Like A Chicken Day is May 14th.

No need to don feathers, though. All you need to do to celebrate is dance the Chicken Dance. It’s that irresistible, perky polka that gets all ages on the dance floor at weddings, festivals and celebrations!

Movements mimicking chickens are easy and fun. In fact, the actions you do in this fun dance highlight three of the strengths of working with Chicken as a Power Animal.  


chicken power animal model from Animal Friends Sanctuary

Photo courtesy of Candy Valentino, founder of Animal Friends Sanctuary.


First a quick refresher of the actions you do for the Chicken Dance! First you stand tall and your fingers from both hands form a beak-shape, opening and closing like a chicken clucking. Next, you get your arms moving, bent at the elbow, to look like wings flapping up and down. Next, twist as if you’re shaking your tail feathers. The last step is stand tall and clap four times. Yes, it’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it? Are you humming the tune?

Chicken Dance



Keep the fun going! How about unlocking the super strengths of the chicken for yourself any time you want? It’s easy! Here’s how it works.

Strength #1 – Clucking

Whenever your hands imitate the clucking, you capture Chicken’s ability to communicate clearly. With more than 24 vocalizations, Chicken greets the day with joy and later coos as she settles in at night. Chicken happily clucks as she is about to lay an egg and clucks loudly to alert others when predators are nearby. Chickens make their comfort (and discomfort) known – just ask a farmer!

Ask Chicken to be a Power Animal when needing to be heard.

  • Maybe you have a great idea but are uncomfortable speaking up, Chicken will help.
  • Or perhaps you have concerns at work you want addresses, Chicken will help with that too.
  • Chicken is also your gal if you are in a situation where you need to express yourself.

To enjoy Chicken’s assistance in raising your voice, you don’t need to cluck, (although it would be fun), just engage in one or all of the following: hum, talk and keep hydrated.



  • Warm-up your voice with a hum. Beginning with a note, like Middle C. (Think Do-Re-Mi sung in the Sound Of Music. Start on “Do”).


  • Hum up the scale and down the scale. You can repeat on the same scale or begin again on a note one whole step higher. Remember to breath from your abdomen.


  • Repeat this step using an open mouth saying, “ahhh” like with a tongue depressor, but no need to stick out your tongue. Extra credit for repeating this with “oo” sound like in “coo” in honor of your Chicken Power Animal.



  • Practice aloud what you need to say. Chickens are vocal. Mama Chicken talks (clucks) to her babies while they’re still in their eggs. Chicken are free with their expressions. Talk. Talk. Talk.


  • Tell a mirror. Practice while on a walk. Say what you need to say out loud. This prepares you so you’re comfortable and at ease when you finally need to state your ideas out loud to your intended audience.


  • State an affirmation. “I am comfortable using my voice. My opinions matter. The universe supports my messages and others want to hear what I have to say.” Say it again and again.



  • Drink water. Lots of water. Vocal chords need hydration as much as the rest of our body. Drink. Drink. Drink. Warm water is important!


  • Write a positive message or word on your bottle.


chicken brings gratefulness for your voice.


  • I’ve taped messages using scraps of paper, stickers and even a Post-It note. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It really is the thought that counts.
  • Run a diffuser with essential oils for your throat chakra. Luscious scents are Lavender, Peppermint, and Geranium.

Strength #2 – Chicken Wings

The arm gesture from Chicken Dance imitates Chicken flapping her wings.

The wings of a Chicken aren’t there just for show. Even though domestication has limited her flight ability, Chicken still gets airborne for short bouts and with vertical lift! (She’s like the Blackhawk helicopter of the fowl family.)

Chicken ruffles her feathers and Mama hen uses her wings for her babies. She can pull herself up to look twice her size, spreading wings out to scare threats away from her chicks. Then she’ll lovingly use her wings to snuggle her babies close to her.

Ask Chicken to be your Power Animal when needing confidence, self-defense or some self-love.

  • Maybe you’re ready to take a dream or relationship to the next level, Chicken will help.
  • Chicken can also help when you need to stand up for yourself.
  • Or  maybe self-nurturing would be really helpful, then Chicken is your gal.

Chicken helps you spread your wings with these 3 steps.


1 – Yoga/Stretching/Tai Chi

I know. I know! I’m like a nagging mom talking about exercise and how it’s so great physically and mentally. But it’s true.

The movements within yoga, stretching and Tai Chi loosen your back, chest and arms, opening you up to fly, to get some lift, just like Chicken. There are so many great options. If you’re physically able to exercise, you can sign up for a class or just find videos online. Tons YouTube channels have great  programs for any level. I like the 5 minute arm work out by Boho Beautiful.

Yoga has been around over 5,000 years. Chickens have been domesticated over 10,000 years. Do you think they did any yoga?


2 – Shake It Off

Limitations, self-talk, worries, and mental or physical blockages can all hinder your growth. No more. Call on Chicken to help you overcome any blocks you may have.

  1. Identify the area, cause, and blockage.  For example: I want my dream to come true, but nothing works out like that for me. You can see where a  thought like that would be hindering. Maybe the block is as simple as, “I don’t have the time for my dream or I’m not worth it.”
  2. Think about that limiting thought or fear and literally shake it off your body!

To shake off your blockages, stand tall and puff yourself out like your Power Animal. Head up. Shoulders back. Strut around and cluck out, shout out and own your awesomeness!

I have what it takes to accomplish everything I want.

I am worthy and deserving.

I can and will do this!

3 – Nurture Your Magnificent Self

Spoil yourself. Make time for you. Nurture your precious self. In other words, make yourself Queen of Your Own Barnyard.

“Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.” – Unknown.

Ideas for self-nurturing:

  • Light candles.
  • Buy yourself flowers.
  • Coloring pages or egg mandala.
  • Do a digital detox or mini-vacation from screens.
  • Write yourself a love letter.
  • Look in the mirror and tell your beautiful self “I love you”!

Strength #3 – Move Like a Chicken.

The last move is to imitate Chicken by shaking your tail feathers.

Shaking tail feathers is adorable. Some believe it’s a sign of excitement and others that it’s for balance.

Running close to 9 mph when the need arises, Chicken can hightail it to safety.  They like to play, sunbathe and get cranky with low levels of Vitamin D. (Don’t we all?) And, chickens dream like we do. In fact, some cultures consider chickens as symbols of good luck, prosperity and excellent health.


Ask Chicken to be a Power Animal when needing to take action.

  • Maybe you need a boost of energy to accomplish your goal. Chicken will help.
  • Chicken has the cure if you are a workaholic and need balance.
  • Do you sacrifice sleep for productivity? Chicken is your gal to change that around.

Here are 3 ways to enjoy Chicken’s assistance in moving forward.


1 – Move

Chickens can sprint when they need to escape. This short burst creates a power boost to help them safely get where they need to go. They’re focused and charging ahead.

Chicken will assist you in staying focused and quickly landing where you desire.

  1. Focus – Put mental blinders on for a short duration. What are quick, attainable goals you can focus on to make strides?
  2. Take Action – Chicken sees the need to run and then RUNS! Look at your quick goal list. Pick one. Then work for a short but powerful burst! You can do it. Reach that goal. Chicken has your back.

“Big achievements come one small advantage at a time,

one step at a time, one day at a time.” – Jim Rohn

2 -Balance with Vitamin D

chickens need sunshine too

Getting Vitamin D seems like it should be easy to attain, but actually, it’s becoming more difficult.

We’re inside too much with work. We’re inside for comfort, for binge watching, fear of wrinkles and melanoma. Plus, air pollution has altered the rays and factory farms keep our food from the natural vitamin.

Chickens feel the impact too.

Just like our moods, chickens with low amounts of Vitamin D experience similar health issues like crankiness and depression. Farmers will tell you chickens can get quite vocal about cabin fever, just like us!.

Be like Chicken! She loves to bask in the outdoors, play in it, and lay eggs. (Before adjusting to get chickens to produce year round, chickens naturally produced in spring and summer and did not during winter).

Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D is is easy-peasy and you’ll love it.

Go outdoors!

  • Walk in the sunshine.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Skip.
  • Play with chalk, jump rope or read in the sun.
  • Golf, play badminton, toss a ball or frisbee.
  • Make the time and go!


“Just one more thing!”

How often can we get wrapped up in finishing a project and two more hours slip by?

Eeek! We know sleep is important. REM (rapid eye movement) doesn’t happen until the fourth cycle of sleep. This is where deep, restorative sleep happens.

Skipping sleep or rushing sleep throws off the whole cycle. Then we get cranky. This can also cause a lack of focus and even weight gain. (I’m eating chocolate chip cookies and Sweet Tart Ropes if I’m going to gain weight, not because I’m not sleeping well!)

Commit to going to bed!

  • Turn off electronics at least twenty minutes before bedtime.
  • Adopt a nighttime routine.  (Wash face, brush teeth, you know the drill.)
  • Snuggle under your covers and politely ask Chicken to join you in your dreams. Don’t be shy. She’s outgoing and kind. Ask nicely and you’ll probably see her!
  • Whisper to her: “Dearest Chicken, you are a gifted communicator and a fun and wise Power Animal. Will you please join me in my dreams?”

Your Last Dance Step – Clapping

Hooray!!!! Celebrate! Give yourself credit for movin’ and groovin’!

The last step in the fun Chicken Dance is clapping your hands with enthusiasm.

Why not use that clapping to show some love and gratitude to your Power Animal, the Beautiful Chicken?

You can also mentally send heartfelt wishes just by thinking about how much you love the power Chicken has shared with you.

Or you can offer love, support, and gifts by donating to rescue organizations. For Chicken, please consider donating to (The glamorous, solo model is a resident of Animal Friends Sanctuary.)



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