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Animal messages

Animal Messages: 3 Things You Need to do When You Spot Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Animal Messages

Have you ever wondered what it means when you’ve spotted an animal that really shouldn’t be there?


Maybe you noticed a hawk in your yard or a cat crossed your path and it made you stop and wonder what it was doing there.  These are animal messages.


Listen to your intuition – that animal is bringing you a message!


When you spot an animal or repeatedly see an animal, their presence is offering a message of encouragement or a suggestion to take action.


If you want, skip straight to the short video where I talk about animal messengers  Please leave a comment and let me know your favorite animal! 


When you spot an animal they are bringing you a message so here are 3 things you need to do.


1. What were you just thinking?

Maybe that cat crossed your path as you were thinking about your mounting pile of work to finish or maybe you were stressing out about all the housework you’ve got to tackle.




????    Perhaps a ladybug distracted you.


Nothing in particular was on your mind. However, you are in the midst of a heartbreaking break-up. (That totally sucks and I’m sorry and yes, everything does happen for a reason and it is going to be better).


And yet, the ladybug brings the message of joy and love. 


Knowing the area where you’re seeking clarity enables you to put your

unique animal message together.


Pay attention to your surroundings, thoughts and emotional desires.


2. What is that animal known for?

Think of the animal’s overall reputation and your personal opinion of that animal.


For example, remember the cat from  #1?


What are 3 general thoughts about cats?

        1) They’re curious.

        2) They purr.

        3) They don’t give a damn what you think about them.


Next think of 3 things you think about cats.

For me,

     1) Cats are my friends since childhood.

     2) They can jump to incredible heights.

     3) They move with a sultry swagger and confidence.


If you want a quick reference guide to the most common animal messengers and what they are known for…click to download Animal Messengers.  


Important: When considering the animal’s reputation, your personal opinion of them carries more weight.


3. How do you apply their wisdom?

I promise it’s easier than you realize. Take your answers from #1 and #2 and ask yourself how to apply their message. Your intuition drives your conclusion. 


In this case, that cat crossed my path while I was fretting over my Mt Everest of work.  I love cats and trust them (since bff’s) My slant that they reach “incredible heights” also stands out. 


Cats overall purr, curious and don’t care what others think…


Based on all of this, my message would be “Stop fretting over the pile of work. Look from a higher point. What are the priorities for me to relax and feel balanced again? Don’t allow this stress to throw off my swag. Be confident.”


This formula is simple and easy and SO beneficial.


By their presence, animals are offering encouragement. Be observant of their quiet voice and constant reassurance.


Be sure to grab your Animal Messengers workbook, download it here. 


What animal did you notice lately?  What message was it giving you? Please comment below and share with me! I’d love to hear!







Trish Mckinnley

About the author:

Trish Mckinnley is a well-respected intuitive spiritual teacher, coach, author, speaker, and Reiki Master. She shows people how to strengthen their own intuitive gifts by drawing on the forgotten tools of the universe. Follow her now to discover so many incredible ways that the natural world supports us all, and helps take us from stress to success!


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