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Oh my gosh, can you feel it? The Year of the Dragon is upon us, bringing with it a whirlwind of wisdom, good luck, and success. But how exactly can we tap into this marvelous manifesting energy?

That’s what we’re looking at today! Here are 8 ways that Dragon energy during this year of dragon can help you to manifest an incredible year.

How to Manifest with Year of Dragon:

Clarity in Goals

First and foremost, let’s talk about clarity in goals. Sometimes our aspirations can become muddled, lost in the chaos of everyday life.

Dragon Wisdom offers us the gift of clarity, allowing us to sharpen our vision and cut through any doubts or confusion.

Dragon’s keen eyesight symbolizes the ability to see beyond delusions and distractions and lets us focus on what we truly desire.

Clarity in Vision

To connect with the dragon’s clarity, visualizing that you possess the dragon’s eyes. Almost like putting in colored contacts but for dragon vision! Image yourself embodying that sharp vision.

By doing so, we can see things differently and gain a new perspective on our goals and aspirations. It’s like putting on dragon-colored glasses that allow us to see clearly and decisively.

Allow dragons to provide that keen eyesight in whatever goal, situation, and clarity is needed.

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Facing Fears

Next up, let’s tackle our fears.

Remember, fear is just false evidence appearing real, but sometimes it can appear really, really real.

Dragons are renowned for their courage and fearlessness, and we can tap into that same strength to conquer our own fears.

So embrace dragon courage, face and release fears that may be hindering your manifesting process and fully step into your power.

For example, if you tend to worry about what’s the worst that can happen start visualizing solutions.

By identifying and facing our fears head-on, we can release the limitations that hold us back and step into our true power. Hooray!

Mindset for Manifesting with Year of Dragon

Our mindset plays a crucial role in manifestation, shaping our beliefs and expectations. With the year of the dragon at our backs, we can adopt a mindset of abundance and prosperity.

We can get in the habit of stinking thinking. We can suddenly be around someone and our mindset could slip.

Or we might hear a trigger word or phrase like, “what makes you think you are worthy of that?” Or, “what makes you think you can do that?

Dragon will help you accept that you’re worthy of manifesting what you want, it will help you align with that positive outcome that you desire and deserve.

Dragons are often associated with treasure hoards, and dragon reminds us of the abundance available all the time. It’s readily available to each and every one of us. Woohoo!

There is no shortage of abundance.

So this year, adopt a mindset of abundance, recognizing and creating opportunities for wealth in all forms.

By offering gratitude for what we have and aligning with positive outcomes, we open ourselves up to a wealth of opportunities.

Connecting with Good Luck

Now, who doesn’t want a little extra luck on their side? I have two delightful ways to connect with the year of the dragon’s good luck energy.

Lucky Dragon Pebbles

First, you can create lucky dragon pebbles adorned with symbols of good fortune, and carry them with you wherever you go.

All you need to do is collect some little pebbles and decorate them with good luck symbols, words or colors.

If you can draw a dragon, draw a dragon. If you have another symbol that represents luck, you can use that.

Maybe a feather means good luck to you. Or a penny, four leaf clover, or horseshoe.

If you don’t wanna do any of those, paint the whole pebble a lucky color like gold. That’s a great option. Or red, which brings prosperity, abundance, and good luck.

Then place your dragon lucky pebbles around the house, in your sacred space, in your car- wherever you might need a reminder- like at work. Wherever you need a little extra good luck.

Know that you are a beacon for good luck.

Lucky Dragon Screensaver

Second, we can craft a lucky dragon screensaver for our devices, serving as a visual reminder of our connection to abundance and success.

You can use Canva or another product on your laptop or your iPhone to create this digitally. Or you can do the old fashioned cut out magazines, cut out images, et cetera. then take a photo and set that as your screensaver.

First, find a dragon image that you love and feel connected to.

Have your dragon as the centerpiece and then add any other symbols, images, or words that represent good luck to you. When finished, set it as your screensaver on your computer and/or phone.

Every time you see your screensaver you are intentionally and energetically aligning with the year of dragon and its good luck.

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Dragon Breath

Every morning, we can start our day with a dragon’s breath routine, inhaling fiery energy and exhaling any doubts or fears.

You are going to visualize as you inhale that you’re breathing in all of that dragon fiery successful energy.

Know that you’re fueling your body and mind. And that every which way you’re going to be feeling passionate and on fire.

And then exhale, slowly breathing out any of the doubts, fears, any limitations you may have.

Do this several times and then when you feel ready, go on about your day.

You can also practice this dragon breath anytime. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, like people just aren’t listening, or just don’t feel as energized or as enthused, go ahead and practice your dragon breath.

This simple practice helps us align with the dragon’s success and set the tone for a day filled with passion and determination.

Dragon Roar

To amplify your intentions, unleash your inner dragon with a powerful roar of affirmation. By declaring our intentions with confidence and conviction, we affirm our readiness to receive success and abundance.

You can use your favorite affirmation, I am statement, or just use, “I am successful!”

Take a stance like you feel your dragon is standing, and then bellow out your dragon affirmation or mantra.

Continue roaring out until you feel you have connected with your dragons and you have been heard by the universe.

Repeat this all throughout the day. It’s perfect whenever you feel like you need a little bit more energy, if you’re feeling a little down, or need confidence and to know that you know everything is working out.

Creating a Dragon’s Lair

Finally, you can turn your bedroom into your own dragon’s lair.

This sacred space serves as a nightly reminder of our connection to the year of the dragon’s transformative energy.

This is so that every night just before you fall asleep, you have surrounded yourself with images, items and symbols of success. These will recharge you throughout the night so you feel refueled with the energy of success.

You can use some golden items, crystals mean success for you, like pyrite or jade, use pillows or sheets with dragons on them, or artwork.

Whatever makes you feel that you have accomplished and achieved success, that’s gonna be the last thing you see at night.

It’ll also be the first thing you see in the morning, setting you up for and abundant day!

You’ are’ll be ready and prepared to greet each and every day with success knowing that dragons have already put you on the right path and you are ready to receive and accept it.

Ready to Manifest Success with Year of Dragon

As we embark on this journey through the year of the dragon, let’ us’s embrace the wisdom, good luck, and success that await us. By harnessing the potent energy of the dragon, we can manifest our dreams and create a future filled with abundance and prosperity.

Are you ready to embrace the Year of the Dragon and manifest your dreams in 2024? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know how you plan to harness the power of the dragon in your life.

And if you’d like to dive deeper into these manifesting techniques, be sure to head here for a special Year of the Dragon freebie.

Year of Dragon brings transformation. And I know your life is gonna be completely transformed and you are ready for it.

Here’s to a year of transformation, empowerment, and limitless possibilities!

Remember that you are created from the divine, out of star dust, designed to shine!

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