Power Animals At Your Service

Power Animals at your service!

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Imagine needing some help with an important matter…if you had access to working with an expert in that field, free of charge, would you take it?

Power Animals at your service! 1And, then, if the action steps your expert suggested were simple, easy-to- do and obviously would be successful, would you do them? (No brainer, right?!)


And what if the only things your expert requested in return were kindness and a simple thank you, wouldn’t you think that was a great deal? (It’s rhetorical because you’re already kind and awesome.)

Are you ready and open? Are you willing to learn from the best-of- the-best in your area of interest?


Then it’s time to work with Power Animals! 

Maybe you’re already familiar with Power Animals or maybe it’s a new term. Either way, I just wanna make sure we’re on the same page. You can also download my free animal e-book here.


Let’s just be clear here…Power Animals are not Animal Totems. Animal totems are the animals representing tribes, clans, families or personal guides (like guardian angels) through life. Animal Totems are wonderful and eternal, revered in many cultures. They’ve gained popularity, so it may be likely you’ve heard this term, but Power Animals are different.


They’re not Spirit Animals either (which can also, confusingly, be considered animal totems). Spirit Animals are spirit guides in animal form. And I’m definitely not talking about Samuel L. Jackson, considered one of the internet’s first spirit animals.


And Power Animals are not Animal Spirit Messengers either, but these are also really popular. This is when you spot an animal or repeatedly see an animal. Their presence is offering a message of encouragement or a suggestion to take action. 


Power of the Power Animals


Power Animal is a specific animal lending its natural skills and innate wisdom to manifest in the area of its expertise.


For example, if you were seeking more independence or freedom, you’d pony up with horse as a Power Animal. (I couldn’t resist!)


Power Animals are superheroes and distinguished professors of the animal messenger world. They’re our older brothers and sisters. They’ve “been there, done that.”

We benefit from their experience.


Power Animals at your service! 2Humans have benefited from this experience almost forever. In fact, cavemen would draw cheat sheets on the cave walls instructing how to follow Power Animals for guidance on survival.


How can you use this universal teaching system to survive and thrive? 

Imagine you’re interested in voice lessons. You have a choice of instructors, right?

You can take them from your local music teacher. Brilliant guy. Great degrees. Graduated top of his class. Great voice. Sings at church and runs the Karaoke machine at the most popular spot.




You have the opportunity for a free lesson from Shawn Mendes (huge star and winner of 43 music awards)!


Seems like another no brainer!


You’re choosing Shawn. And here’s why.


You’re local teacher is great, but Shawn has the experience and talent. He began with no fans and now has over 7 million!! He writes. He sings. He performs. He knows how to warm-up, use and protect his voice.


If Shawn was a Power Animal, he would be the Nightingale.


Best. Teacher. Ever.

So, yes, I’m saying Power Animals are the best Shawn Mendes’ ever, the cream of the crop when it comes to teaching us.

Their key to success is providing simplified and natural action steps.

Power Animals are a temporary mentor saying, “Follow me. Do as I do. Take my hand and I’ll show you how to achieve your desires.”

They offer guidance in the way they move, eat, call, hunt, and thrive. Power Animals are naturally aligned with the Universe. Their gifts are within their design. By borrowing and imitating their moves, habits, communication and strengths, you’re tuning your frequency into their energy and manifesting your desire.


It’s all about frequency. I’m paraphrasing the brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla, who really said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


That is exactly what happens when you morph into your Power Animal.
Your energy and frequency matches the vibration of your desire.


It’s like having the desire to listen to a country music station, but you’re listening to the classical music station.

You need to make adjustments (dial in) to find the country music station’s frequency. Adjustments made and soon you’re singing, “The Good Stuff” with Kenny Chesney.


dial in to power animal


Power Animals have the adjustments you need to nail your desire.


Match their energy and frequency with your adjustments in your actions and thoughts and you will be dialing in the station of your desire.


Dialing in to Power Animals specialty is unique to each animal. I love to write and talk about dozens of them. but when you’re in a pinch you need support now!


Here’s a general cheat list to get you started.

  • Animals of the Air are great when you are doing spirit work or ready to soar to new heights in a situation.
  • Animals of the Sea swim to the rescue when going through emotional issues or situations where you need to go more with the flow.
  • Animals of the Land are great when you’re doing physical work, or situations when you need to be grounded and balanced.


Remember, the above list is for that immediate phone-a-friend need. You’ll find much more is involved in finding that right Power Animal partner for a more involved circumstance.


Unlike Animal Messengers that we actually see cross our path, Power Animals are available to recruit and call upon anytime and anywhere. 24/7. 365.


Let the Power Animal for your task-at- hand guide you to your goal.


If you needed a plumber, you’d call an expert plumber.


If you needed to be more clever, you’d call on Fox.


If you needed to go against the norm, you’d call on Salmon.



Power Animal. FOX Insta | Trish Mckinnley Power Animal. SALMON Insta | Trish Mckinnley









Call Me Baby!

How do you call on Power Animals to help you?

1) Politely ask. You don’t have to do this in person. Close your eyes. Sincerely ask for that animal’s guidance. You’ll intuitively know when you’ve connected.

2) Morph aspects of your life to sync with that animal’s vibration. No hunting or killing. This is only positive energy. Sync by adding aspects of their diet like the fruits and berries they enjoy or adding movement or wearing clothes that mimic their natural coloring.

3) Incorporate their voice. Do they hum, growl, sing or roar? Every animal has a communication style. Find theirs and mimic it.

4) Keep a journal. It’s important to write down what you’re doing to take action and the results as you go along. Include your feelings. Stay positive. Include encouraging signs. Keep listening.

5) Most importantly, include gratitude for your Power Animal. Say thank you. What could be easier?!


In these simple steps, Power Animal expertise is just a quick call away. No cell phone needed, just a sincere desire to tap into the powerful guidance of the natural world. 

Ready to take your animal connection to the next level? Download my FREE Animal e-book and begin connecting with the natural flow of the universe!

Please comment below and let me know any animal interactions you’ve had! Or please share with me which tip did you find most helpful? I’d love to hear from you!




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