Year of the Rat 2020 Energy Overview

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2020 Year of Rat Energy Overview

2020 Year of Rat Energy Overview

Do you ever wish you could see opportunities before they were missed opportunities? Have you ever wished that THIS year would be the year for wishes to come true? Hooray! Cause here’s 3 ways to unlock the successful energy of the Year of the Rat 2020.


With Rat being the first Chinese sign, the Year of the Rat brings new beginnings as well as increased wealth and fertility!!!!


As a power animal, rat offers much the same. It’s resourceful and able to sniff out successful opportunities and abundance, baby!


3 Ways to Unlock the Year of the Rat 2020 Energy

1. Sniff Out Opportunities


The first way to unlock the energy of the rat is by sniffing out opportunities.

First, set the intention to discover unexpected lucky encounters. Then, trust your intuition.

Rat will help you come across an opportunity that smells right – you just have to trust your intuition and pursue the opportunity.


2. Explore New Money-Making Avenues

People born in this sign are financially successful. They are always seeking out new money avenues and are able to create an abundance of wealth, whether working as a team (as a social being, Rat, is totally able to do that) or solo (Rat loves his alone time, too).


Strike a balance. Set your desire. Watch for signs and symbols indicating this is a good and worthwhile idea to explore.


Decide what the sign or symbol is and stick with it. (Do not second guess it!)


3. Dig Into The Fertile Soil

It’s no surprise the Rat would rank well with fertility. With the ability to produce over a billion descendants within 3 years if left unchecked, Rats are fertile.


So, what area in your life would you like more fertility? Maybe you would like a baby. Rat is your power animal.


Maybe you’d like to be more prolific in your writing. Turn to Rat.


Maybe you want more fertile grounds in your love life. Job search. Or maybe uncovering more of what you already have…


Call on Rat to explore this fertile energy!


Tap into this social, resourceful, fertile and successful energy of the year of rat!

You’ll be glad you did.


Just curious –are you open to working with Rat energy? When you hear “Rat”..what do you think of? Comment below!


And if you want to learn how to align with Rat energy so that you can easily sniff out new opportunities and bring abundance into your year, download this insight sheet to welcome in the new, release blockages and discover how to use Rat as a power animal.


Thanks so much for joining!


Happy New Year!


And if you know of someone who would benefit from this and would also like to connect with the Year of the Rat’s manifesting energy, please share this with them!




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Trish Mckinnley

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  1. Shawna Willits on January 24, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Thanks Trish! I just read this to my office of 4 ladies I work with and it was fun to hear their comments before I read it out to them about ” oh no the year of the rat, Eww” Then after I read it they opened much more to the idea of the year, except fertility with babies 🙂 lol they are all very done, or not ready yet.

    Thanks for the Lift!
    Happy New Year!

    love, Shawna Willits

    p.s. we met at Brendon Buchards event 2 years ago. You are doing what you were made for, It is awesome!!

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