Why Are Crystals So Powerful

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Power of Crystals

Power of Crystals

Power of Crystals

Power of Crystals

Our ancient ancestors always knew that crystals are powerful! While documentaion from the 4th millennium BC wrote of crystals and their uses, ancient civilizations all around the world applied crystals for healing, protection and good luck. Really cool since they weren't using powerful crystals for phones, clocks and computers yet!


Cleopatra loved crystals. Emeralds were here crystal of choice as gifts and Rose Quartz face masks were part of her beauty regimen.

Even the church recognized that crystals are powerful! 


Crystals are even mentioned 200 times in the Bible!  Exodus 28:15-31 : Aaron's Breastplate goes into great detail about the crystals and gemstones adorned on the breastplate of the high priest, Aaron. Saint Hildegard von Bingen, (composer, mystic, writer and healer just to name a few) preached to the Pope about crystals, plus applied powerful and specific crystals in her medicines.


So why have crystals been used since ancient times?



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Because crystals are AMAZING!


When you hear crystals, maybe you think of quartz watches, silicon in our computers or  "Diamonds are forever." Crystals are minerals coming in all shapes, sizes and properties. But, what matters is how crystals impacts us.  Besides "oohing" and "ahhing" over the sparkliness, you can watch my short video Why Crystals Are Powerful !


Crystals have specific vibrations. Their unique properties heal, energize and alter their surroundings.


In other words...crystals emit a signal that our bodies naturally respond to. (How cool is that?!)


The vibration from the crystal adjusts the minerals within your body so they're in harmony. This makes it is easier to manifest your desires!


Each type of crystal has specific vibrations so just by placing one near you, you can experience those specific benefits.

If you want to know about the Top 9 Crystals and how to work with them, download The Must Have Crystal Guide here.


3 things to keep in mind when choosing your crystal

  1. Set the intention to find the exact crystal that's best for you and your needs.
  2. Communicate with your angels asking for their guidance. (Access my post and video How to Hear Angels Clearly for more on angel communication)
  3. Trust your intuition! 


What is your favorite crystal? How do you use it? Please comment below and share with me! I'd love to hear!








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