Rose Quartz Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


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Whether you’re seeking new love or deepening romance with your current partner, rose quartz is an excellent crystal for enhancing love in your life. These rose quartz Valentine’s Day gift ideas are sure to amplify the love in your life.

Rose quartz can be easily incorporated in jewelry and home décor.

Plus, with it’s significance to love and romance rose quartz makes for excellent Valentine’s Day gifts. And it lasts much longer than a flower arrangement.



1. Two Strand Rose Quartz Necklace

Available here.


2. Raw Rose Quartz Wind Chime

Available here.


3. Rose Quartz and Copper Money Tree

Available here.


4. Oval Rose Quartz Necklace

This necklace features a faceted rose quartz pendant. This is a great option if you want to incorporate this love crystal into your jewelry but don’t like the look of a wrapped or tumbled crystal.

Available here.


5. Rose Quartz Tea Light/ Air Plant Holder

Candles can bring soothing peace and are often used in manifesting rituals. This tea light holder would make a great addition to a spiritual babe’s sacred space or to use during a moon bath. Can you just imagine a few of these around the bathtub? Soo romantic!

Available here.


6. Wire Wrapped Pendant


I love how this pendant has a tree design in the wire wrapping. It represents the flexibility, strength and growth of love that rose quartz can bring to the wearer.

Available here. 


7. Puffy Heart Stone

This stone can be held during meditation or placed on a shelf or to manifest love on the go, it can be kept in a purse or in your car.

Available here.


8. Rose Quartz Blessing Angel

This crystal angel is a great gift for friends and family that you want to bless with love.

Available here. 


9. Heart Pendant

A rose quartz pendant is great for anyone looking for new love or wanting to manifest more romance in their life. This pendant includes a small selenite heart for charging and cleansing the pendant.

Available here.


10. PMD Clean Pro RQ Facial Cleansing Brush

Add some love and self care to your routine with this facial cleansing brush. The brush side has silicone bristles for a hygienic clean, enhanced with  couple of vibration options. The opposite side features rose quartz that can be heated or enhanced with a couple of vibration options for deeper and easier penetration of serums.

Available here.


11. Wrap Ring

Wearing rose quartz is a great way to welcome in love and romance and this ring offers a reminder of love for the wearer.

Available here.


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12. Cooling Eye Mask

This eye mask can bring the vibration of love while also cooling and soothing puffy eyes.

Available here.



13. Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Using a facial roller is a great way to give some extra pampering. It also provides the perfect time for saying affirmations!

Available here.


14. Heart Money Tree

How adorable is this heart money tree? And it’s perfect for welcoming in an abundance of love and romance into your home.

Available here. 


15. Bookends

I love being able to incorporate crystals into my home’s dĂ©cor! These rose quartz bookends can bring the powerful vibration of love to your bookshelf. These would be the perfect gift for any crystal lover or avid reader.

Available here.


16. VitaJuwel Crystal Water Decanter and Gemstone Vial LOVE with Rose Quartz, Garnet and Clear Quartz

I love my VitaJuwel water bottle, but this decanter feels like such a luxurious way to infuse and share your water with someone special. The vial contains rose quartz, garnet and clear quartz to infuse the decanter with love and romance. By infusing your water with the vibration of these crystals you in turn infuse your body with those same vibrations.

Available here. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Which of these Rose Quartz Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas is your favorite?

Whether you buy one of these gifts for a galantine, family member, partner or even yourself pay attention to the increase of romantic vibes.



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