How To Hear Angels Clearly: 3 Simple Steps

How to Hear Angels Clearly 3 Simple Steps

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How to hear angels

How to hear angels

How to hear angels

How to hear angels

Hearing angels clearly makes life so much easier, it almost feels like cheating!

Can you imagine help instantly easing heartache over a relationship gone south?

~ Or~ having daily guidance with shortcuts making a dream come true easier and quicker?

~Or~ having the most loving and wisest friend who happens to have high clearance and intel and will help you no matter what?

Angels provide all of that and more!

Angels are the celestial bff.  They love us, have our best interests at heart and WANT to help us.

“Believers, look up – take courage. The angels are nearer than you think.” – Billy Graham.

Then how do we connect with angels? How do we hear angels clearly?

Quick version –  Forgotten Tools of the Universe video – 3 Simple Steps to Hear Angels Clearly.


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More detailed version – 3 simple steps to hearing angels clearly.

1. Raise your vibration

Vibration is the mixture of your emotions, beliefs and desires.

Your vibration is an energy wave – the blend of your emotions, physical wellness and spiritual beliefs pulsing out to the universe. 

Emotions –

When you’re feeling

  • bummed out,
  • disappointed,
  • jealous,
  • angry
  • and other negative emotions

………’re going to have a low vibe.


This will be like a low frequency FM station on your radio.  It’s staticky and difficult to receive a clear sound. 


When you’re feeling

  • grateful,
  • excited,
  • joyful,
  • loving
  • and other positive emotions

……….you’re going to have a high vibe.

This will be similar to satellite radio.  It’s clear and easy to hear around the world.

Angels are with you no matter your frequency.


They’re talking to you whether you’re a low or high frequency. They’re just easier to hear and understand when you’re at a higher positive frequency.

Raise your vibration to the higher frequency and it’ll be like getting angels on a preset dial. Specifics on how to raise your vibration is covered at 0.14 sec in the video

2. Ask

How would you ask a friend to help you? 

Asking angels is the same.

It’s just angels have higher connections. Angels are wanting and willing to help too. So, ask your angels. 


Invite them to join your world. No special prayer or request. 


Keep it simple. It can be something like, “Hey angels! Will you please be with me today? I sure appreciate it. Thanks!”

“Angels understand our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them.” – Unknown.


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3. Listen

“Angels speak to those who silence their minds long enough to hear.” – Proverb.

Angels communicate through feelings, messages and signs.


Feelings that angels are communicating will be felt through your intuition.

  • You’ll have a gut-feeling.
  • You may hear a word or statement sounding like your own voice.
  • You may just know something. 


Messages will be obvious and yet subtle.

  • You’ll hear a message in a song.
  • You’ll hear a phrase repeated several times.
  • You’ll catch yourself thinking, “Wow. You’re the third person who’s said that!”

It’s a message from your angels! Trust your intuition and angelic guidance.


Signs will be concrete items encouraging you. Feathers, pennies and butterflies often appear from angels.

  • No matter how angels communicate it’s up to you to trust the message.
  • Trust your intuition to know if the message is from your angels.
  • Ask for confirmation from your angel by asking for another sign.

Close up of feathers



“Legions” of angels were created for our sake. Earliest existence of documentation from 14th Century BC shows there was belief in and communication with angels.

Don’t overthink this. Reach out to angels. Call on this gift from God. You’ll be amazed at your life’s shift once you do! 

“These things I wish for you; someone to love, some work to do, a bit o’sun, a bit o’cheer and, a Guardian Angel always near.” – Irish Blessing.

Can you think of one time you encountered an angel? Do you have an angel story? Please comment below and share with me! I’d love to hear!








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  1. Donna McCormick on November 29, 2018 at 2:33 am

    This was so Great to see tonight Thanks for teaching us and Reminding us how God and his Angels work. Nothing but Love!

    • Trish Mckinnley on December 2, 2018 at 1:09 pm

      I’m so glad you liked it! I can’t imagine (nor would I want to) a life without them. They’ve helped me through so many times. God gave us them WHY wouldn’t we call on them?