Crystals to Help Sleep

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Power of Crystals

Power of Crystals

Crystals for Sleep

Crystals for Sleep

Crystals for Sleep

Crystals for Sleep

It seems like we are all on an eternal quest for a good night’s sleep. Right?  


You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed.


But that’s where you are probably WRONG!  Have you tried using crystals?? Yes, you heard me…

Crystals can help you sleep


If you’re wondering how crystals would ever be able to help you sleep better, you need to read my blog post all about Why Are Crystals So Powerful! 


Otherwise you can skip straight to the short video where I give you 5 different crystals to use for better sleep.



We all know sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind so which crystals should you use and how?



Lepidolite contains lithium which totally helps you relax and fall sound asleep. Lithium is prescribed for mood stabilizing. Lepidolite offers the same mood stabilizing in a sparkly and no-negative-side-effects manner.

A soft purple crystal, lepidolite even has sparkles within its raw form. It actually reminds me of the lilac walls in my bedroom as a little girl. *LOVE* No wonder I was so happy!

Calming your mood and brightening your outlook, lepidolite can be worn, slipped into your pocket or set by your bed.




Moonstone is a gorgeous milky crystal that looks like she’s captured a bit of the moon just for you. She helps to calm your mind so you can stop thinking about your never-ending to-do list and fall asleep.

Specializing in feminine energy , moonstone feels like a loving mama’s hug soothing and holding you. Can you tell moonstone is one of my favorites?

And just like the peace you feel gazing at the full moon, you’ll feel holding a piece of moonstone. Touching your skin or wearing a Moonstone gives you confidence that “you’ve got this” as you drift to sweet sleep. 


Black Obsidian

Black obsidian helps to ground you.  This stops you from being up in the air, in your head, and instead feeling connected to the earth.

“Shadow work” is where you go deep within the yucky stuff about yourself (or maybe just the not-so-pretty-and-don’t-want-to-acknowledge stuff). Black obsidian does help with that, but that’s a different post.

Going through the day negative encounters can stick. You may not even realize it. This glassy, black crystal protects you sucking all that limiting murk away.



Amethyst is the master healer. A dazzling purple crystal she helps you physically, spiritually and emotionally heal. This is the perfect synergy for reducing stress and enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Decision-making can be agonizing, but not with Amethyst. She helps you cut right through to the best solution with heightened intuition so that’s another sleep-stealer striked off your list!


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is all about love and if you love yourself, you’ll put sleep at the top of your priorities. And not just beauty sleep – refreshing, invigorating sleep.

A gorgeous soft pink, rose quartz has a history of being cupid’s helper. (It’s hinted that she was given as a token of love in the 600 BC). She’s connected with the heart chakra, so all matters of the heart fall under her beauty. She brings ease to suffering and loneliness and is a marvelous magnet for positive relationships.

Rose quartz escalates warm, feel-good moments and memories. A sense of calm cocoons you whenever she’s around creating the nicest blanket for pleasant dreams. 


Now what do I do with the crystal to help sleep?

Put the crystal where?

Jewelry is the easiest for crystal energy. However, a big amethyst geode isn’t going to be comfortable. Whether large pieces or for comfort sake, placing crystals by your bedside is perfect.

If you find a certain crystal really resonating, place several in a dish by your bed, line on your headboard or decorate within a frame. Let your imagination and creativity guide you, too!

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. If sleep is really elusive create a grid below your mattress with five crystals. They can all be the same or a mixture of the crystals listed above. Below your mattress, place one crystal at each corner below your mattress and one in the center. 

Whatever you choose to do with your crystals, intention matters. Your intention is to allow these crystals swipe away any blockages from you getting a good night’s sleep.

If you want to know about my Top 9 Crystals and how to work with them, download The Must Have Crystal Guide here.


What do you do to get a good night’s sleep?  Have you tried one of these crystals? Please comment below and share with me! I’d love to hear!









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