Fairy Affirmations

Fairy Affirmations

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Fairy affirmations open you to fairy connections. Stating these fairy affirmations break down and release any mindset blockages, fears, or worries. Repeating fairy affirmations align you with the right vibration to meet, work, and manifest with fairies!

How to make the most of Fairy Affirmations

  1. Choose your favorite(s) fairy affirmations.
  2. State aloud 8 – 10 times a day.
  3. Create a visual cue to remember stating your fairy affirmation. For example, every time you spot a flower or see an animal state your fairy affirmation.
  4. State your fairy affirmation and meditate for 60 seconds noticing any intuitive messages.

Fairies open magical doors to manifesting an enchanted and wonderful life! Watch this YouTube video for more ways to meet fairies!

86 Fairy Affirmations

1. I am lovingly guided by fairies.

2. It is safe for me to see, hear and work with fairies.

3. I am open to feeling and seeing fairies.

4. It’s easy for me to understand messages from fairies.

5. I am blessed with fairy relationships.

6. I remember fairy magick and friendships

7. It is safe for me to communicate with fairies.

8. I am tuned into the divine frequency of love, fairies and nature.

9. Fairies are my divine friends and I am blessed.

10. I respect, honor and value my relationship with fairies.

11. It’s easy for me to notice fairies.

12. I am able to easily feel and communicate with fairies.

13. I am learning and prospering from my relationship with fairies.

14. Working with fairies is easy and fun.

15. I am aligned with all the right, loving fairies.

16. I am aligned with seeing, hearing and communicating with fairies.

17. It is easy for me to talk to fairies.

18. I feel the love, light and joy of fairies near.

19. I recognize the gifts, blessings, and prosperity fairies bring into my life.

20. It is easy for me to see fairies.

21. I respect, honor, and value my fairy friendships.

22. I am aligned with kind, loving, and helpful fairies.

23. Working with fairies has made my life magical.

24. I am divinely inspired and guided by loving fairies.

25. Fairies make my world a better, brighter and happier place.

26. I feel and hear fairy guidance.

27. My relationship with fairies gets better and better every day.

28. I am aligned with the best fairies to assist me in manifesting my dreams.

29. I confidently take action in fairy guidance.

30. Fairies are welcome in my life.

31. I am safe, comfortable and honored with fairy visits.

32. I am a divine being and so are fairies.

33. Fairies help me to manifest quickly and easily.

34. I appreciate and value fairy manifesting guidance.

35. Fairies provide me with manifesting guidance and I listen.

36. I am receiving new joy from the fairy friendships in my life.

37. Fairies bring joy, optimism, and creativity to my life.

38. I am open and ready to receive messages from fairies.

39. I am ready for fairy communication.

40. Fairies help me manifest all of my desires.

41. I easily connect with fairies.

42. I am a friend of fairies.

43. Fairy magic brings joy to my life and manifestations.

44. I receive clear messages from fairies.

45. I welcome fairies into my life.

46. Fairies help me to become a magnet for happiness and success.

47. I release any blocks preventing me from seeing fairies.

48. I believe in fairies.

49. Fairies give me clear signs that they are around me.

50. I appreciate fairies’ insight in my life.

51. I recognize signs from fairies.

52. Fairies assist with manifesting exactly what I desire.

53. I am open to meeting a fairy.

54. I pay attention to signs from fairies.

55. Fairies help me to see the rainbows in life.

56. I am open to love from fairies

57. I am open to fairy guidance in my life.

58. Fairies help me to release negativity quickly and easily.

59. I am ready for fairies to help me manifest my dreams.

60. I am ready to meet a fairy.

61. Fairies are helping me to stay in alignment with my desires.

62. I intend to meet a fairy.

63. I enjoy the magic of meeting fairies.

64. Working with fairies has increased my creativity.

65. I am comfortable working with fairies.

66. I love working with fairies.

67. Fairies open new paths for manifesting my desires.

68. I am grateful for the unconditional support of fairies.

69. I value nature & the environment.

70. Fairies help me to take inspired action.

71. I sparkle with fairy energy.

72. I am so happy working with fairies.

73. Working with fairies brings me into perfect alignment for exactly what I desire.

74. I joyfully and easily connect with fairy energy.

75. I am open to the wonders, magic, and unseen in this world.

76. My life is open to new discoveries of joy and love.

77. I am open to a magical, happy life.

78. I am open to the possibility of new experiences.

79. Fairies are bringing joy, playfulness, sexiness, and success into my life.

80. I am ready to receive more magic in my daily life.

81. I am excited to meet new fairy friends.

82. It is safe and right for me to work with fairies.

83. I am comfortable interacting with fairies.

84. I am so thankful that fairies are ready to work with me.

85. It is easy for me to see, hear and communicate with fairies.

86. I am aligned with fairy energy.

Which affirmations will you use to connect with fairies?

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