25 Affirmations for Love

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Affirmations are great for helping you to establish subconscious thought patterns that will support what you want to manifest and the life you want to live. If you’re wanting more romance in your life then these affirmations for love are perfect for you!

Use them in your journaling, say them every time you look in a mirror or post one as your phone background. Say them while you visualize what your life will be like with more love and romance.

Affirmations for Love:

I am open to new love.

I am open to a loving, committed relationship.

Thank you universe, for this life of abundant love and romance.

I am lovable.

I deserve love.

affirmations for love: I am open to new love.

My love life is thriving.

I am worthy of love.

I am so thankful for my perfect partner.

My love life is full of joy.

I welcome love into my life with open arms.

Affirmations for love: My life is full of love.

My life is full of love, joy and happiness.

I love spending time with my perfect partner.

I feel so in love.

My partner expresses their love in a meaningful and touching way.

I fall more in love with my partner each and every day.

Affirmations for love: My love life is thriving.

My romantic needs are fulfilled easily.

I love and approve of myself.

Romance comes into my life at the right time.

My love life is more wonderful than I ever imagined.

Love fills my heart and home.

Affirmations for love: My life is full of love, joy, and happiness.

My life is full of love.

I am ready to meet my perfect partner.

My romantic relationship is thriving.

It is safe to open my heart to new love.

I am thankful for all the love in my life.

I love me!

Affirmations for love: My romantic needs are fulfilled easily.

Ready for Love?

Are you feeling the love yet? The more you can get into that space where you feel really loving and are giving and receiving love the sooner you will see results with your own love life. This will work if you’re wanting to manifest new love or spice up your current romance.

How would you feel if that perfect partner was already here in your life? Or if your current sweetheart was more attentive?

The more you really feel those things that you want the faster they’ll show up in the physical. Remember, they already exist energetically. They’re already here. Know that you know they exist right here, right now.

Your love is here now.

For more creative interaction with these affirmations, you may enjoy my Affirmations for Love coloring book. It’s a great way to meditate on each affirmation.

If you’d like more affirmations, be sure to check out this post for affirmations for the new year. And if you’re ready to do some serious manifesting this year make sure you grab a copy of  The Essential Manifesting Guidebook.

Let me know in the comments what you’re manifesting and what topics you’d like to see more affirmations.


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