Pig as a Power Animal to Manifest Money

Pig as a power animal to manifest money with Trish McKinnley

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Animal Messages

Year of the Pig

year of the earth pig

year of the earth pig

Year of the Pig

That sounds weird. I know.


But, if you’ve ever wished you weren’t stressing over money then you know you’ve wished there was an easier way.


There is!

Work with a financial advisor who has connections!


He’s got insider know-how! He taps into the natural flow of abundance.  ???? Weeeee! ????


Work with PIG as a power animal to manifest money!

I know that may all sound wonky… but hear me out.


✅   If you could work with someone who had years of experience AS A SUCCESS with money, wouldn’t you?


✅    If you could ask for guidance, insider knowledge and secret tips, wouldn’t you?

It’s time to consider a new financial advisor – Pig!


In this week’s Forgotten Tools of the Universe, I’m sharing 3 easy ways to work with Pig to manifest money.

Listen to your intuition as Pig leads you to opportunities.

Watch now to find out how!




Pig is smart, (easier to train than dogs) and is known for bringing good luck and prosperity.


People born under the Chinese astrological sign of Pig are known for honesty, cheerfulness and generosity.


Pig is going to happily lead you to success. ???? ???? ????



Please let me know if you’re up for adding Pig as a mentor! Will you give it a try?


Download the *FREE* Piggy Bank Bonus so you can make your own money affirmation piggy bank!


I’d love to hear from you!!!

Have you ever worked with a power animal? What about an animal totem? Do you have a natural affinity to a particular animal?

Thank you for watching and sharing your insights! If you know someone who could benefit from an easier money flow, will you please share this post?

Because this working with the flow of the universe is a natural, feel-good, blessing for all of us! 


Year of Pig is literally the ENERGY of financial wealth. Like a super magnet pulling in money!

Download my *FREE* Year of Pig Money Magnet Checklist to make sure you are not blocked and that you are absolutely open and ready to be in tune with this cosmic flow.





pig power animal manifest money

pig power animal manifest money


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