Align with Year of Pig Energy to Manifest Wealth


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Year of the Pig

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year of the earth pig

Year of the Pig

Ever wish you were a money magnet?


You can be!


That is precisely what you can do this Year of Pig 2019.


Year of Pig 2019 begins February 5th and lasts until January 24, 2020.  Take advantage of having over 11 months to benefit from the natural energy this Year of Pig brings.


Tune  into this Forgotten Tool of the Universe so that you can be the flow of prosperity and abundance.


Ready to go hog wild? 

I’m going to break it down into the 3 different energies of the Year of Pig right here, but if you’d prefer, you can watch the video instead. And, if you want to know WHY this energy works, jump down to the bottom of the post ????



1. Wealth

Year of Pig 2019 brings the energy of wealth.

???? Cha ching! ????


You don’t have to born in the year of Pig to take advantage of this energy.


(You don’t have to be a swimmer to benefit from looking at the peaceful water.)


Year of Pig is literally the energy of financial wealth.


Instead of living paycheck to paycheck or stressing about money for that unexpected emergency, the Year of Pig brings breathing room.  Ahhh…


There will be new opportunities presented. It’s going to offer increased finances. But, you’ve got to listen to your intuition.


While the money making circumstances will be there, it’s up to you to align with them.


  • Take advantage of networking, new classes or meet-ups. 
  • If you feel the gentle nudge, ask for that raise.
  • Talk to your boss about what to do to be on the fast-track.
  • Research options for yourself.

Listen to your hunches and snag those fortuitous opportunities.


(Don’t you love that word? Fortuitous: happening by chance and luck, in other words, being at the right place at the right time!)


In other words, take action! For more on this, you can grab my money magnet checklist.

If you have a side hustle this is the time to “not leave any stone unturned”. Follow up on leads. Reach out to take your thing to the next level. Take advantage of this vibration of prosperity.


2. Joy

2019 brings the energy of joy!

Joy is one of those secret ingredients that helps you stay in alignment with prosperity.  Joy keeps you at a higher vibration. The higher your vibration, the easier it is to manifest what you desire, talk to angels and have a spectacular day!

Want a secret tip? 

How do you make sure to stay in alignment with joy even when you aren’t feeling very joyous?

Smile!! ????

Even when you don’t feel like it or are having a bad day, when you smile, your brain doesn’t realize that you are having a bad day.

Instead, your brain takes the facial cue as the all-knowing and goes, “Yay! Everything is going my way!”

So release the feel good hormones by putting that grin on your face.  Soon endorphins, dopamine and serotonin will be flowing and it’s  ???? party time! 

The really nice thing that happens when you smile is that your brain wants more of that feel-good factor and starts to actively seek more opportunities to bring you joy.

So can you see how this is all lining up to be a money magnet?

3. Creativity

2019 brings creativity which means you are going to have so much inspiration for manifesting that wealth!

So much inspiration on getting that promotion.

So many ideas for improving your side hustle.

You’ll be making money in ways you never even thought of before.

Creativity should also be expressed through your artistic skills. Baby, you can be creative in so many different ways…dance, draw, sing, paint, write…you get the idea….just Express yourself!

Year of Pig  is YOUR year for wealth, joy and creativity.

Maybe you’re ready to dive a little deeper to ensure more prosperity and abundance is flowing out way.

Download my *FREE* Year of Pig Money Magnet Checklist to make sure you are not blocked and that you are absolutely open and ready to be in tune with this cosmic flow.

Gimme Energy!!!

What’s the deal with “energy” of Year of Pig? How do you align? It makes things easier? Give me some of that!

So this energy is being in alignment with year of Pig. You’ll be in the special position to notice the opportunities. It’s like having a special get-ahead sign.

Have you ever traveled and noticed a special lane or car or treatment for others? Have you been to an amusement park and noticed special treatment or go-to-the-head-of-the-line for some?

They had knowledge of something you didn’t.

They took advantage of the fast lane because they knew the specific criteria. Maybe it was a specific piece of equipment or knowing the subtle rules.

This is your time!

You’ve read the blog and watched the video. You’re in the know of how-to harness this energy to be a manifesting master and a money magnet!

So be sure to grab your 2019 Money Magnet Checklist.

What are you going to do to manifest wealth in 2019?  How are you going to capitalize on the Year of Pig energy? Please comment below and share with me! I’d love to hear!




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