how to improve focus and concentration

how to improve focus and concentration

how to improve focus and concentration

Have you ever needed to be present?


Or needed instant improved focus and concentration?


Especially without any distractions or negativity seeping into your voice or attitude?


Then you’re ready for this!


Grounding, centering and focusing are frequently mentioned in the same breath as meditating or manifesting. 


However, grounding and centering can be used ANYTIME it’s imperative to be in the zone.


  • Talking with your boss
  • Listening to your child
  • Breaking out of a stressed out spiral

Imagine a bride standing at the alter, freaking out.

  • “Will this work?”
  • “What about the high divorce rate?”
  • “Is my dress looking great?”
  • “Did I remember to invite Aunt Mildred?”


Not a good time to be zoned out, right?


Imagine a mom spending time with her child, but her mind is worrying…

  • “Did I pay the electric bill?”
  • “Is the teacher conference tomorrow or was it yesterday?”
  • “My boss hates me, maybe I should consider a new job?”
  • “What am I making for dinner?”

And, I bet you can think of plenty more scenarios. (Grab my free mini if you’re experiencing one right now and need focus stat.)


When you need to get grounded and centered it’s typically during a highly stressful time. You react. Your words slip out harsh and impatient. 


Not good for your job.

Horrible for your relationships.

Not healthy for you.


Grounding and Centering helps cut through this negative spiral. (This is super easy, works and kids can do it too!)





That feeling like you are present, right now, right in this moment.


Feet are on the ground. You’re feeling safe and firmly rooted in the world right where you’re standing.




That feeling like your thoughts are pulled into this moment.


No distracting thoughts, worries, what ifs or doubts. You’re feeling tuned in to this present moment.




The ability to hone your attention on being exactly who and what you need to be at this very moment.


No distractions, worries or doubts. Your attention is lasered into this present moment.


This magical trifecta really does work.


It helps you feel more confident. You present a got-it-together attitude. You are bringing your A-game within 3 seconds.


The more you practice, the quicker your ability to become focused.


So next time your child is tugging on your shirt asking the same question for the 4th time or your boss is asking for a report that you gave him last week, or your partner wants to know where his socks are… remember…



  • Feel the earth firm and steady under your feet.


  • Close your eyes, pulling all your thoughts in to this moment while taking a deep inhale. Pause at the depth of your inhale. 


  • Exhale, while opening your eyes confidently knowing you’ve so got this!

Let’s do this together!

Download my *FREE* Instant Grounding, Centering and Focused meditation. If you need focus and need it NOW this mini meditation is calling your name. 

  • Under 2 minutes 
  • Easy to do anywhere
  • Successful results





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how to improve focus and concentration

Trish Mckinnley

About the author:

Trish Mckinnley is a well-respected intuitive spiritual teacher, coach, author, speaker, and Reiki Master. She shows people how to strengthen their own intuitive gifts by drawing on the forgotten tools of the universe. Follow her now to discover so many incredible ways that the natural world supports us all, and helps take us from stress to success!