The Angels for the Holidays

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Working with angels is like when you’re networking for a job, asking others to keep you in prayer or vying for favor in any capacity.
You get a lead on a connection.
This connection has clout.
Maybe they’re the spouse, the parent, the child, the bff…the connection is intimate and has the ear of the person you’re hoping to sway to your desire.
Angels ARE the connection.
Once you’ve requested angelic help, this doesn’t relinquish your part in your pursuit.  You still need to take action! Bring the faith and the confidence to manifest the outcome you want.
Angels give you the boost.

So who can we call upon during this festive season when you need a helping hand???

Quick versionThe Angels for the Holidays


How do you go about asking?
Just like if you were networking to link with the right person for a job… you can ask angels to hook you up!
Angels know the players who best fit your path and provide you with the quickest desired outcome.
Just like networking provides the the right connection for the position you’re looking to attain, network with angels!
( If you’re looking for a specific need to be filled you may want to download my Angels List here.)
And just like once you asked for the assistance with that person, you’d then thank them and have confidence they are on it.  It’s the same with angels.
Know your angels are handling it. Prepare for the positive desired outcome.
This is key to realizing your dream.
If you do all the previous steps (asking for help, talking) and don’t prepare, you’re still shortchanging your blessing.  You’re communicating to the world that you aren’t completely in. One leg is still heavily in doubt.
So to show you’re confident – be prepared. Do one thing every day as if you were already in those successful shoes!…


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