4 Unique Ways to Meet Your Guardian Angel


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Ready to meet your guardian angel?

Are you wanting some unique or unusual ways to connect with and deepen your relationship with your guardian angel? You’ll love these 4 ways to connect with your guardian angel whether you’re a seasoned spiritual seeker or a newbie.

These fun and unexpected ways to connect with your guardian angel bestie will help you to tap into your intuition and deepen that relationship.

So let’s get started!

Number 1 – Dancing

It seems so simple, but dancing can be a super fun and uplifting way to connect with your guardian angel.

When you dance, you allow yourself to let go, move more freely, and shift the energy in your body. You connect with the rhythm and energy of the music you’re dancing to, and that vibration opens the path to connecting with your guardian angel!

Once you’re comfortable dancing freely try to visualize your guardian angel dancing with you. Imagine their dance moves. See them smiling and enjoying this moment as you intuitively connect with their energy and presence.

Pick out some songs that resonate with the energy of your guardian angel. Trust your intuition to find the right music.

Enjoy the movement, be carefree, and get your groove on!

Let yourself get lost in the rhythm and movement. While dancing, feel your angel’s energy and notice any guidance that comes to you. Know that they’re right there with you, providing support and guidance on your journey.

Number 2 – Painting or Drawing

The second way to connect with your guardian angel is by painting or drawing.

Painting and drawing are effective ways to allow your creativity to flow freely. It allows you to express yourself through color and imagery.

To connect with your guardian angel, visualize them guiding your hand as they help you to capture their energy and essence on your paper or canvas.

Let your intuition guide you to use colors and any imagery that resonate with your angel.

Feel your guardian angel’s energy and creative guidance as you create your art. Know that they are with you, assisting you to express your inner thoughts and feelings.

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Number 3 – Into the kitchen! 

Cooking and baking are both nurturing and comforting ways to connect with your guardian angel.

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘baked with love’? When you cook or bake you infuse your food with intention and energy. This happens whether you realize it or not, so by being an intentional chef you can create a nourishing and uplifting experience.

To connect with your guardian angel in the kitchen, visualize them with you as you cook, helping to infuse your food with love and positivity.

Another exercise is to make an energy ball with your guardian angel and then add it to your food or batter before it bakes or as it’s cooking. For a refresher on how to create and use energy balls check out this post next.

When your meal is ready invite your angel to join you. Offer a prayer or blessing before eating.

As you savor the flavors and textures of your food, notice your guardian angel’s energy and presence. Know that they are right there with you, nurturing and supporting you.

Number 4: Singing or chanting

Using your voice to create sound or vibration is such a great way to connect with your guardian angel since it lets you tap into a powerful source of energy and expression.

Visualize your guardian angel singing or chanting along side you and notice their energy and support.

Nowadays, music is often tuned to 444 hertz, but it was originally 432 hertz. Listening to, singing, or humming along to music at 432 Hz will help you to connect deeper and easier with your guardian angel.

So why 432 hertz?

 In a nut shell… it’s math.

Mama earth is 8 hertz (the Schumann resonance). It’s in mathematical relation with 432 Hz, since 8 Hz is a submultiple of 432 Hz for the ratio between frequency and octave music.

You can read more about this here in a study published by Science Direct.

A great option is to sing or chant mantras and affirmations that resonate with the energy of your guardian angel.

Can’t think of anything?

Sing “ohm” or “ahh” or go through the vowels

As you feel the vibration of your voice in your body, feel your angel’s energy and presence, knowing that they are right there with you, singing in harmony! 

And there you have it – 4 unique ways to meet your guardian angel!

Which do you intuitively sense you’ll try first? Whether you’re dancing, painting or drawing, cooking or baking, singing or chanting, there are many ways to connect and enjoy your relationship with your guardian angel.

Once you meet your guardian angel you’ll find that connecting gets easier each time.

If you’d like to learn more about angels, I have additional resources available here. If you’re ready for a deep dive then you’ll love my Angels on Demand course, where you’ll learn exactly how to connect and work with a variety of angels, make your personal angel oracle deck, and create your angel transformation toolbox.

Always remember that you are created from the divine, out of star dust, designed to shine!

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