3 Ways to Improve Your Intuitive Voice

Mercury Retrograde and Improving Intuition

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Mercury Retrograde can be very useful! No need to fear Mercury Retrograde and its negative impact. In fact, you can use Mercury Retrograde to figure out what is hushing, hiding and silencing your intuitive communication.

In 2022, Mercury Retrogrades 13 January to 3 February, 10 May to 3 June and 9 September to 2 October.  Perhaps you've just finished my blog post, sharing about about how Mercury Retrograde has a naughty reputation for messing up our electronics, travel plans and communication.

Sure you can step back and re-examine, review and reflect your current relationships, but you can also take advantage of this naturally slower energy during Mercury Retrograde and amp up your intuitive communication.


Have you ever known anyone that wears glasses?

Eyesight is fuzzy. Maybe they can't see up close or far away. They wear glasses to improve their sight.

Intuition is a sense, just like your sense of sight, hearing, scent, touch, and taste.

Sight lets you "see" if something's off or totally on. Your hearing alerts you if something just doesn't sound right.

Intuition (your 6th sense) communicates a blend of each and more of all your senses. Use the cosmic energy flow to figure out what's keeping your intuitive voice claiming "mums the word."

Why Your Intuitive Voice Matters

Have you ever needed or wanted clarification? Your 6th sense already has the answer.

Spoiler Alert:

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz having the power to get home at any moment. Ruby red slippers weren't necessary. She had the innate power all along.

Need to know if you should take the job offer? Curious if you should go on a second date? Wondering if you should schedule your pet for a vet visit?

Your intuition has the answer.

If you're not hearing your intuitive voice, maybe you aren't interrupting the signal your intuition is sending.  Figuring out your intuitive communication style will clear the communication pipes and deliver the messages with accuracy and ease.

1. Identify Your Intuitive Voice

When you intuitively know something how is that message communicated to you?

  • Do you get a physical sensation?
  • A churning in your tummy?
  • A knowingness you can't explain?
  • An image in your mind?

Practice acknowledging this communication. Confirm it. Use it over and over.

Intuition is personal. It's a knowingness, a hunch, an instinct. Messages and their form of delivery vary. That's why it's important to figure out your intuitive preference. You'll know that you know.

2. Head or Heart?

Intuition isn't in your head.  Thoughts reside there. "I can't do that." or "What if I say something and make people mad?"  or "It makes sense! That's probably a good idea!"

Your intuitive voice is a feeling, a knowing - NOT thinking!  

Often when you say, "I THINK we should do this or do that," you are using your head and NOT your intuition.  It's thinking vs feeling.  It's logic, thoughts, and analytics driving your opinion, not intuition. 

Why waste time not knowing and not listening?

Get your intuition (internal message) right as quickly as possible. (Like Dorothy, you don't need to follow the yellow brick road to get the answers. You've already got it within!)

If you catch yourself saying, "I FEEL like I should do this," that's an intuitive indicator. It's a hunch or a gut instinct.  

So listen to these phrases you say and go with your heart.

3. Get quiet to listen to your intuitive voice 


Noise. Noise on social media. Chatter on the news. Chatter at work.

Silence is gonna bring on the knowingness. (Knowingness - innately knowing something like details or information that is accurate and helpful.

Being quiet can be the hardest part! 

And, TOTALLY worth it.

Being quiet relaxes your mind. Calms the endless chatter. Turns your soft, intuitive murmur into a vibrant, noticeable roar.

You'll begin recognizing your intuitive communication style.


Click here to watch the video where I explain each of the 3 Steps to Improve Your Intuitive Voice


Sometimes Ruby Slippers are just what you need to add sparkle to your intuition. 


If you're ready, access my FREE download with 7 Steps to Boost Your Personal Communication during Mercury Retrograde, by filling in the form below.

 Using this checklist will help you step into confidence in yourself and your intuitive voice. 


Your intuition has the answer. You are more intuitive than you realize. You're ready to claim your power. Embrace your gifts!


Which point did you like best?

What intuitive voice are you hearing?

Sing it, baby!







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