1111 Angel Number Meaning and How To Use For Your Benefit

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What is 1111 Angel Number meaning and how to use for your benefit?

It’s 11/11!!

But, what does that mean?!

1111 angel number means a time of natural increased connection to angels,
spiritual guidance and manifesting.

Angels are glued to your every word for that entire 60 seconds!

And, that happens TWICE a day!

Use this time to communicate with your angels.

Let them help you manifest what you want.

Plus, the 1111 angel number meaning is boosted on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. It’s like a humongous magnet for this vibration. 🤸‍♀️

1111 is the perfect time to talk to angels. (even if you’ve never tried it!)

Sooooo, November 11th carries THAT vibration THE ENTIRE DAY!

Here’s how to make the most of 1111 Angel number today and how to use for your benefit every day!


1. Know what you truly desire.


What is it that you truly desire? Sure, we all want world peace, but this is that personal, deep-down-sorta-embarrassed-to-tell-anyone-desire.

What is it that you REALLY want? What’s been on your mind?

Do you want financial freedom so you can chill out, be more patient, maybe thinking this will bring more happiness?

Then ask for that! More happiness or more patience!

Financial freedom is already in alignment with that emotion. “Happiness” covers a whole lot more ground like family, pets, and world peace! Booyah. Drop the mic.


2. Ask your angels.

Ask your angel for what you want.  Ask them to clear the path. Ask your angels for their help and then talk about it with them ALL DAY LONG. 

Yep, it’s gonna be weird and sound like you’re talking to yourself. So what?! Your dreams are worth it!


3. Set your phone alarm.

Set your alarm for 11:11 to SUPER connect with your angels today. Have a quick 60 second talk. Thank them. Ask for clarity. Ask for more guidance. Use this time to connect. 

Nothing to say?

Totally fine.

Just use the 60 second to chill in peace with your angels.


4. Take 11 minutes to visualize.

Take 11 minutes to visualize already living what you desire.

Feeling rusty on daydreaming? Ask angels to amp up the details in your imagination. Call on Archangel Jophiel for guidance. She is an expert here!


5. Get creative.

Doodling, drawing and sketching. Wherever your creativity takes you is perfect! Just get your creative on.

Creative juices help your guardian angel communicate with you. 1111 is a high creative vibration too. Angels will help you succeed with unique inspiration today. Stay open to their creative guidance even after today.


6. Go outside for 11 minutes.

Even if mama nature is hiding in the busy hustle-and-bustle of a city. Get outside and put your face to the sunshine! This mini “zen” moment will be a reset from a stressed-out day and a reconnect with your “celestial” bf.


7. Ask for signs.

Angels are with you. Ask for signs from them communicating they’re near. These are often feathers, images of angels, overhearing conversations about angels and whatever symbol represents angels to you. They’ll be there!

It’s easy to overlook or let logic interfere with the message.  Recognize the sign and celebrate! You’ll soon be #angelcommunicator


8. Say an affirmation.

Affirmations communicate to the energy and vibration of the universe. 

More importantly, affirmations communicate to our brain a manifesting statement.

What we say is providing a message positive or negative.

Use your words for manifesting heightened angel communication and manifestations. You can make up your own and use this one – “I am divinely connected and using this wisdom for all of my thoughts and actions today.”


9. Journal gratitude.

Thank angels for ALL the things.

Write down every little thing that went right today! This gratitude boosts your vibration, manifesting magnetism and overall mood!


10. Take action!

So often we get angel guidance and then allow distractions or Netflix or opinions of others to derail us. Not today!

Stake your claim notifying the universe you mean business. Do the thing(s) you feel guided to do! The universe will join and arrange things to make it happen.


11. Trust your intuition.

Know that angels ARE special messengers. They are created to help carry out our beautiful purpose and path.

Your intuition aligns with angel messages. Maybe you see 1111 angel number and you just know the meaning. Trust your knowingness!



You can always talk to your angels. November 11th is just extra heightened. Use this day to feel the presence of your angels.

Now that you know the
1111 angel number meaning
and how to use for your benefit,
use it every day!

Even if you’re not so comfortable yet, give it a shot! It’s wonderful having an angel as your BFF. You truly do have “high connections!”





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