Manifesting With The Eclipse Energy

manifesting with solar eclipse

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manifesting with solar eclipse

Manifesting with Eclipse energy is really easy and very doable. You just need to know the cosmic manifesting energies. Understanding the manifesting strengths of Eclipse energies positions you to navigate the powerful Solar Eclipse and emotional Lunar Eclipse. So, get ready to understand and learn how to apply the manifesting eclipse energies and create your manifesting adventure.

Should you or shouldn't you manifest during an eclipse?

I honestly didn't know this was a thing. Opinions vary, even among my peers, on this "should you or shouldn't you" manifest during an eclipse. I mean, I get the concern because eclipses bring energy of swift endings and swift beginnings.

Eclipse energy is like a door slamming and a manifesting window flying open. Sure this is great, however your manifesting fingers can get caught in the process.


Here's why:

Moon magic is empowered with the moon's energy. Eclipse energy is unique because of the shadow the eclipse causes. The sun gets dark or the moon gets dark. Thus, will this shadow lurk over your moon manifestation?

Personally, I have worked with and manifested some major shifts with eclipse energy. I did not feel like a lion tamer in the process either! We're currently in the Year of the Tiger and I expect this Eclipse Portal to deliver AMAZING changes and new directions.

Manifesting during an eclipse is truly a personal decision, so read on if you're ready to dive in and ride this cosmicbeam!

Steps for Manifesting during Eclipse Season

To manifest during Eclipse Season it's important to establish these foundational steps. These steps are the core to manifesting during any season, however they are even of greater importance during Eclipse manifesting.

  1. Know what you want to manifest.
  2. Trust your intuition.
  3. Set your intention.

Next, you'll be determining the Eclipse Manifesting Status. For more guidance, you can watch Eclipse Manifesting video for more details!

How to determine Eclipse Manifesting Status

There are several factors when determining the eclipse manifesting status. Knowing the Eclipse status enables you to take clear and confident action (no finger owies here).

Is this a Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipse brings swift physical changes solar eclipse impact the external. Solar Eclipse reveals where you may be blocking your actions needed for manifesting.

Is this a Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar eclipses bring swift emotional changes. Lunar eclipses impact the internal. Lunar Eclipse reveals where you may blocking the nurturing and intuitive guidance needed for manifesting.

What sign is the eclipse in?

Eclipses occur in astrological pairs. These signs lend their strengths and energies to the eclipses energy. Knowing the astrological sign enables you to determine how you want to use the signs influence in your manifesting.

For example the solar eclipse in taurus influences beauty, love and surrounded by prosperity. If you’d like to manifest more prosperity then dialing in and focusing on this eclipse to reveal the physical blockages why are you not physically aligned with manifesting this and what changes need to occur?

If you want to go deeper into manifesting with astrological signs and the eclipses grab your copy of Essential Manifesting Guidebook 2022  wherever books are sold.

How to Manifest during the Eclipse Season to manifest

These steps will help you make the most manifesting during the Eclipse Season!

Begin with writing down what you want revealed.

The solar eclipse reveals that energy, that physical action to be taking. What haven't you been doing? What's the action step that needs to occur to help you manifest?

The lunar eclipse is going to reveal that emotional side, what's really deep down that's keeping you blocked from achieving what you wanna manifest. Both are going to be revealed during the eclipse season.

Write down what you want revealed. You wanna know what you wanna manifest. So in your journal, literally write down, "what do I need revealed so that I can manifest this dream?"

Now that you've written in your journal what you want revealed, it's time to take action on that. Trust your intuition, continue to journal the responses you sense. You'll be surprised through this automatic writing what's revealed.

Trust Your Intuition

This is also a great time to give yourself an oracle card reading. Use your favorite deck. You've already written out what you want to manifest so you've already set the intention of what you want revealed. Use the card deck in order to communicate because spirit guide's communication is heightened during every eclipse.

If you work with fairies, use your favorite Fairy Oracle deck. If you work with Power Animals, use your favorite. Angels, goddesses, ascended masters, just a favorite deck that you've used throughout the years. That oracle card deck will have clear communication with your spirit guides. And while you're trusting your intuition, you're going to be able to interpret what you're receiving.

Be observant and watch for Signs

Journal that in your journal as well. Keeping track of all the signs, symbols, messages you receive throughout the day and throughout the six month period. Now you don't have to journal for the entire six months. However, it is a really great way to keep the lines of communication open with your spirit guides.

Express Gratitude

And the final step for making the most of the eclipse season and manifesting is that final tip that you hear all the time and that's expressing gratitude. The thing about expressing gratitude, a thankful heart begets more things to be thankful for.

So in other words, as you're really thankful and you're sharing your gratitude, you are raising your vibration, you are making the most of all the positive energies and all of the changes.

Sometimes we have a change and we don't really want it. We didn't really want it. Change can put us in an uncomfortable position.

However, it was a necessary change so we can be on the right manifesting path. Sometimes we would never change without the eclipse season. We would've let it go on and on and on, like never leaving that unhealthy relationship, leaving that unhealthy job, not leaving something because we were too afraid to pursue our dream.

See that's how eclipses will shift things and change things. So in order to really embrace this shift, this welcome change, surprise but still great change, expressing our gratitude aligns us with receiving more things to be feeling grateful for.

Ways to share gratitude:

  • say thank you
  • journal thank you
  • walk around feeling thankful
  • smiling
  • sharing your gratitude with the universe,
  • sharing the gratitude by watering your plants outside,
  • by being extra kind to animals,
  • by picking up litter,
  • by being nice to Mama Earth.

Affirmations amplify the gratitude of the eclipse season.

Add extra manifesting energy by adding your favorite affirmation. You can post it on a post-it note, you can use it as your wallpaper on your phone, you can just write it out and tape it next to your morning coffee cup.

Create your own affirmation or use this one! "I am open to receiving and embracing the eclipse changes. I am aligned with success, prosperity and love. I know all is well."

So relax, stay grounded and know that everything truly is working out for your highest good. Whether it's a solar or lunar eclipse, get ready for some much needed changes, some swift actions and some swift new opportunities coming your way!



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