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You’ve probably heard me talk about making full moon water numerous times. It’s such an easy habit to do each month, and one of my favorite spiritual lifestyle hacks.

If you’re wanting to harness the powerful manifesting energy of the full moon, then you’re in the right place!

Charging water under the full moon allows you to imbue it with the feminine goddess energy of the moon plus the energy of the zodiac sign that the moon is currently in.

What is Full Moon Water?

Put simply, it’s water that has been imbued with the energy of the full moon. Based on researcher and author Masaru Emoto’s research (written about in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water) we know that water can be imprinted with intentions and energy.

By charging water in the moonlight you are imprinting it with feminine lunar energy. The zodiac sign of the full moon can also impact the energy that is instilled in your full moon water.

Let’s explore what this feminine, lunar energy means to you.

How to Make Moon Water

Fill a glass jar with water. Any water will work, but spring or distilled water are ideal.

Imbue your intentions into the water. Hold the jar between your hands and focus your energy there. Imagine your intentions flowing from your heart, down your arms and out your hands. Feel those intentions filling the water, settling in the space between the water molecules.

Place your jar outside under the moon.

Retrieve your water before sunrise. If you want to set an alarm to bring it in you can check your weather app or do a quick search for ‘when is sunrise‘.

You may want to label your jar with the date and what sign the Full Moon was in.

For example:
6/24/21 – Full Moon in Capricorn

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How to Use Full Moon Water

There are countless ways to use your moon water. This list is by no means exhaustive. Let me know in the comments which ways you plan on using your moon water.

  1. Cleansing Crystals
  2. In Elixirs
  3. Creating Magical Space
  4. Water Plants
  5. During Visualization
  6. Meeting Fairies
  7. Connecting with Mermaids
  8. In Diffuser
  9. Drink it
  10. Make Tea
  11. Add to a Bath
  12. Spray on Body After Shower/Bath
  13. Use in Meditation
  14. Use as a Facial Mist
  15. Add Essential Oils and Spray Around Home to Cleanse Energy
  16. Use to Clean Makeup Brushes or Paint Brushes

I’ve created a list on Amazon here with my favorite moon water essentials.

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Add Essential Oils

Depending on how you decide to use your Full Moon Water, you may want to add some essential oils. You can use any that you like but here are some good options and their meanings:

How Will You Use Your Moon Water?

Full moon water is simple to make and use, but it’s a powerful way to imbue your water with moon energy to boost your manifestations.

There are so many ways to use your moon water from cleansing crystals to creating a cleansing energy spray to drinking it. Use it with essential oils for aromatherapy benefits.

You’ll love the positive, magical energy that full moon water brings into your life.

If you’re looking for more ways to work with the full moon, check out this post with 7 Full Moon Manifesting Habits next.

Always remember that you are created from the divine, out of star dust, designed to shine!

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