Use Full Moon in Scorpio to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

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It’s not easy remembering YOU ARE A GODDESS! Use this full moon in Scorpio to unleash your Inner Goddess. It’s time to reclaim your power! This is the last super full moon of 2020 and Scorpio promises to bring the confidence and power. 


Follow these 5 steps to unleash your own sexy, powerful, inner goddess 💖


Then find out what your Goddess Personality is by taking this fun quiz! 



Step one: Go outside and soak up all of that Scorpio Full Moon.


Scorpio is already that sexy energy.

Scorpio is confident.

Scorpio goes down, deep down, into your soul and helps you realize what might be blocking you and that,  YOU DESERVE THIS!

Just get your booty outside and go soak up that moon.


So how to moon bathe?

It’s just like if you are going to go sunbathing. Stand. Sit. Stretch out under the beautiful, powerful cosmic light.

And! You don’t have to go exactly at the Full Moon exact time. Just go when you feel that is the time for you to go out.

Once under the full moon, stretch out your arms, like soaking it all in.

While you’re standing there soaking up the full moon, say an affirmation like, “I am a sexy goddess.” Say it out loud.

“I am a sexy goddess!”

And if you can say it three times, that’d be great!



Second Step: Grab your favorite lotion.


Now look, we all have our lotions that are that everyday kind of lotion. I mean get your special lotion. The kind that you only use on special occasions.

Oh baby, why do we do that to ourselves?

Why don’t we use our really good stuff all the time because we are worth it?

Well, that’s what’s going to be unleashed with this full moon in Scorpio!

When you’re applying the good stuff, the kind you save for those special moments, you’re recognizing intuitively and on a deep soul level that you are worth it.


Rub that lotion on. Saying, “I am fit, I am firm, I am fabulous,” Three times!



Step Three:  Incorporate some of your favorite oils.


Get your diffuser going because that just makes the entire room smell great. If you happen to have patchouli, that would be fantastic. That’s one of the best essential oils to connect with Scorpio energy. Scorpio energy has that brave confidence, ambition, and patchouli pretty much will ground you right into that. Maybe you don’t have patchouli, that’s OK, use the stuff that you really like.

You don’t even have to do anything. Just add this to your diffuser and let it go.

So often we will only use our diffuser for someone else, if we have company coming over, if we have someone that doesn’t feel well and we’ll put it on so that it helps them feel better. However, we don’t take the time to treat ourselves. And when you treat yourself, you’re honoring your inner goddess.

So start your diffuser, say, “I am brave and confident. I am brave and confident. I am brave and confident.”

However you wanna say it, just be sure you say it, and say it out loud. You want the whole world to hear, you want the whole universe to hear, but most importantly, you want you to hear.


Step Four: Take a bath, a real detox bubble bath.


Look, we get clogged up and blocked.


We have so much negativity and most of you goddesses reading this are empaths. You’re picking up stuff that’s not yours. You’re worrying about stuff that isn’t yours to worry about, and so you get blockages like you wouldn’t believe.


And there are cords, attachments, to those things that you just need to release.


  • stinkin’ thinkin’,
  • limiting thoughts,
  • stuff that you might not even know you’re holding on to.

To take a detox bath, fill up with water, and add Epsom salt or bath bomb. Let this pull all the toxins out of you. I love using something like Dr Teal’s. 

And, you can actually add your essential oil into your bubble bath too. Just make sure it’s safe and you’re not going to have an allergic reaction.

Once you get in to your detox bath and you have it cozy with candles and a little pillow, say something like, “I release all that no longer serves me.” Say it three times.

And you can do that at any time while you’re relaxing, while you’re drying off, it doesn’t matter, because you are releasing it and when that water goes down the drain, it is gone, it is released, no take-backs.


Step Five: Get your hips moving.


When you get your hips swaying,  just like belly dancing,  you are tapping in to that creative zone, that sacral chakra. Scorpio is all about sexuality. And your sacral chakra is all about sexuality and owning your power.

How perfect for you to connect with your inner goddess by owning your inner goddess power?

Get your hips moving!

  • Swaying just back and forth,
  • Getting your hips to do a figure eight,
  • Turning on music and let your hips do their own thing
  • Stream instructional dance videos on YouTube

Just get your hips moving and swaying as you say:

“I am sexy, powerful, and prosperous. I am sexy, powerful, and prosperous. I am sexy, powerful, and prosperous.”



Use this full moon in Scorpio to empower your inner goddess.


Let me recap for you.

Number one, go outside and take a moon bath. And be sure to say, “I am a sexy goddess.”

Number two, put on your good lotion and say, “I am fit, firm, and fabulous.”

Number three, use your favorite essential oils and say, “I am brave and confident.

Number four, take a real detox bath and say, “I release all that no longer serves me.”

And number five, get your hips swaying, get them moving, and say, “I am sexy, powerful, and prosperous.”


Are you ready to find out what your Goddess Personality is?  Take this fun quiz and find out so you can take full advantage of unleashing your Inner Goddess!


Now let me know, are you going to do these? Are you gonna choose one of them or all of them? Comment below. I wanna be there to cheer you on and you are so deserving.

Gorgeous!  You are created from the Divine, out of stardust, designed to shine!



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