New Moon Rituals | 3 Easy, Simple & Powerful Steps

new moon rituals

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New Moon rituals are fun! They connect you with the energy of the moon.  We’re tapping into the same wisdom our ancestors did!

Ancient Babylonians, Ben Franklin and farmers throughout the year knew the advantages of working with the lunar cycles. Crops depended on timing for a successful outcome.  

What it all Means

For all of us, a New Moon brings energy for successful outcomes. Each Moon cycle holds the energy to support stages. This covers everything like a life cycle – from conception to birth!

The New Moon brings the energy of new beginnings, new energy and new hope. This is a great time to:

  • plant new seeds of desires
  • make new commitments to your dreams
  • create new visions 

Use a new moon ritual to manifest these things faster and with more power.

Here are 3 easy, simple and powerful new moon rituals


1. New Moon Journal Entry

Grab your supplies.

  • A new journal to be used just for moon writing.

     An old one around the house is fine. You just want to make sure there isn’t any old writing or negative energy lingering in what is inside it.

  • Smooth flowing ink pen.

     Any color is fine. I like working with blue ink to connect with Archangel Gabriel. She works with the moon cycles. Choose a pen and ink that feels right to you. 

  • Cozy, serene place.

      Seems like a no-brainer, but it isn’t! Claim your comfy spot! Settle into a space where you won’t be disturbed by phones, tv, kids, partners or animals! 

Side note. Animals love this energy. They’ll want to be around it. Who can blame them? It feels great! So find a solo location if you need. 

New Moon Rituals #1

With journal in your lap, take a focused cleansing breath – in your nose out of your mouth.

I usually close my eyes when I take a cleansing breath. It seems to help ground me. 

On the exhale release all mental, emotional and physical tension and pressure. Imagine all of the stress melting away, like butter rolling off your hot croissant.

I tend to do three cleansing breaths. Do as many as needed until your shoulders are naturally relaxed.

Draw your attention to your heart until you feel connected.

How do you know when you’re connected? To the moon for goodness sake! Don’t worry! You will! You’ll intuitively know when you feel the love and you’re ready to write).

Begin writing your intentions of what new seeds or new developments you’d like to bring to fruition.

Answer questions like:

  • What goals do I want to achieve?
  • Which dreams do I want to be manifested?
  • What are my hopes?
  • In what area of my life do I want new energy?

When your list feels complete, hold the paper or journal to your heart. Close your eyes as you imagine the outcome just as you desire.  How does that feel? Relish the success. After you’ve spent some time savoring the moment, mentally offer thanks.

Place your journal in a special place.


Grab the New Moon Worksheet Here:


2. New Moon Vision Board

Supplies needed:

  • Magazines
  • Timer
  • Scissors
  • Board or item to attach the clippings.
  • Glue, tape or some sort of adhesive.
  • Pens, Markers, ribbons or anything you feel inspired to use for decorating.

New Moon Rituals #2

Set your intention to find images that capture your desires.

Don’t be surprised if new things pop up. You intention setting will access your intuition and angels. New insight into your deep desires may be revealed.


Set your timer.

You can set the timer for any time. However, no more than 60 minutes. Don’t give yourself extensions. Stick to it so you can keep it fun and stress-free.


Flip through your magazines for your allotted time. Cut or tear out any images that attract you. Be sure to stop when your timer goes off. Put the magazines away out of temptation 🙂

This is where you let your intuition be your guide. Listen to music to keep your mind distracted. Let your gut-feeling point out the images to place on the board.


Attach the magazine images to your “board.” Use your intuition to determine where to place each image. Trust your inner guidance. This comes naturally!

A glue stick works wonderfully. Double-sided tape is great too!


Once your board is completed, look at the images you chose.

  • What emotions do they bring to the surface?
  • Did any image surprise you?
  • Are there any themes?
  • Is there a particular image that captures a specific new recognition of desire?


Thank the guidance of this lunar cycle. Offer a message of gratitude for your insight, images and any new revelations.

The New Moon is offering new energy. This is a powerful time! Watch how the rest of the month your images become reality!


3. New Moon Crystal Energy


Your favorite crystal

(Include these super moon energy amplifiers if you have handy: moonstone, rose quartz and clear quartz.)

  • White candle
  • Quiet space
  • White paper and pencil. 


New Moon Rituals #3

Light your candle.


Decide on one intention you’d like to manifest.

As you’re thinking about this, consider it coming true. What happens when it comes true? Who will be affected and how? Look at the outcome from every angle. This 360-degree approach ensures being comfortable with manifesting it. Careful what you ask for! You’re gonna get it!


Write out in a positive statement as if you have already achieved this.

For example, if you’d like to manifest a new love. “I am attracting healthy and positive relationships.” Looking for money? “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly. I am receiving an endless flow right now!”


At the bottom of your page add, “With harm to none. So mote it be.” This ensures no bad mojo or misunderstandings from your request.


Place the paper in your sacred space, special location by a window or anywhere you feel led.


Add crystals like

  • moonstone, (for increased connection with the moon);
  • black tourmaline, (for neutralizing any negative thoughts)
  • selenite, (for mental clarity).
  • rose quartz for adding a loving vibration.


Boost the whole thing by adding clear quartz! Clear quartz amplifies, so by using this wonderful addition, the message and the crystals will be energetically increased and enhanced.


Four days after the new moon, slip one of the crystals into your pocket. Carry the crystal with you to remember to stay connected with this new, manifesting energy. Your intuition will continue guiding you to make this happen!


Don’t forget your New Moon Worksheet:


The New Moon brings the energy of new beginnings, new energy and new hope. What new seeds will you plant? What dream are you going to commit to?

Comment below and let me know? 👇


And if you know of someone who would benefit from this and would also like to connect with the new moon’s manifesting energy, please share this with them!





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  1. Barb on December 25, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    Thank you for this. I have just finished #1 and I already feel amazing happy. I look forward to sharing my gratefulness with you when my manifesting comes to fruition