How to Use Portal Energy for Manifesting


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When you hear portal, do you think it’s something like from a superhero movie, or are you
thinking, “Oh my gosh! I have got to use this portal energy for my manifesting?”

Well, if you want to use portals for your manifesting, then you’re in the right place!

Today you’re gonna learn all about portals and why they’re important to you, why they help with your
manifesting, and exactly how your goddess personality will benefit and make the most of portals.

Oftentimes portals are portrayed as a gold spiral that superheroes travel through in movies.

This is actually a good visual that you can use, but instead of walking through one to save the world it’s more a representation of an open door for a particular energy.

Portals are excellent for accessing and communicating with spirit guides, angels, fairies. They also lead you to spiritual tuneups for your soul.

Even if you do nothing, you’ll receive the heightened vibrations. They clean away any low vibes that might be weighing you down, and keeping you blocked or stuck.

How to Align With Portal Energy

Set Your Intention

The first step for aligning with portal energy is to set your intention.

Setting your intention sets the foundation for whatever you want to manifest. When working with a portal your intention is to align, receive, and acclimate with the portal energy.

You can set the intention to be completely open to receive and shift your energy to align with the boost of the portal.

Create Your Affirmation

The second step is to create your affirmation. You want one that will support the intention you set. This is great for really making the most of portal energy.

You can be as specific as you’d like with your affirmation, or you can be a bit more general.

For example, “I align with this portal energy and receive the vibrational and spiritual upgrades.” Or shorten it to “I am open to this portal and all its blessings.” You can also say, “I align with this portal.”

Even something like, “This portal empowers me.” Whatever you intuitively feel to write as your affirmation is the perfect affirmation for you.

Trust Your Intuition

Third, when working with portal energy, you must, absolutely must trust your intuition. Remember, intuition is your extra sensory perception.

During portals your five senses, plus your sixth sense are going to be hypersensitive. You are going to be able to pick up on subtle energies, messages, and nuances.

Remember, the portal opens up communication with your spirit guides, angels, fairies, power animals, with your ascended masters.

Portal energy will communicate through your intuition.

You’ll suddenly see something out of the corner of your eye. Or suddenly hear a message over and over. You’ll have a feeling, divine inspiration, or a knowingness.

It’s important to be aware of the divine guidance you’re receiving through your intuition. You might be tempted to super logical and write it off, but portals bring important guidance.

You are divinely being guided, so please listen and trust your intuition.

Take Inspired Action

And fourth, take inspired action.

Remember, portals open up the creativity and communication with your spirit guides. They open opportunities- so take inspired action.

Inspired action could be taking a nap, working with fairies, spending time being quiet, or journaling.

When you take that inspired action you’re stepping on the fast track to success.

How Often Do Portals Happen?

You may already be familiar with big portals like the Lionsgate Portal on August 8th every year, or the Merkaba Gateway in December, but portals actually occur several times each month.

Monthly portal days occur on the days that number correlates to the number of the month. Since January is the first month, it’s associated with the number one. So those portal days are the first, the 10th, and the 11th. February is the second month, so those portal days would be the second, the 12th, the 20th and the 22nd, and so on.

This means you actually have many opportunities to work with portals throughout the year.

How Do You Make The Most Of Portal Energy?

Obviously you want to make the most of portal energy to boost your desired manifestations- but how?

It’s essential that you be open to any intuitive guidance you receive.

It could be that you’re doing things one way and suddenly have the thought, am I on the right path? Is there an easier way to do this?

Take a breath, be open to intuitive guidance, trust your instincts and take the action you’re called to do. (Goddesses of Action are excellent at this!)

Next, you can use this time to pause and make a list of the steps to do.

What is flowing? What makes sense?

You may find it helpful to practice automatic writing or meditation to allow for the creation of a new vision to bring you guidance.

This creates space for your clairvoyance or intuitive vision to come in with divine inspiration and clarity.

You’ll feel like you need to call a specific person or see a particular book in your mind’s eye. Make the call. Read the book.

You may feel like you need to review the current steps you’re taking to manifest, or examine how you’re keeping yourself down to find tweaks you can make. Are there ways you could relax more and release the burden of perfectionism? (Especially important for goddesses of order!)

You can also use portal energy for releasing things, releasing blockages, or releasing fear.

Sometimes we get stuck in a mental loop where we keep beating ourselves up. We think about old
conversations, or we feel like we so desperately want to be liked by that particular person, and
so we’ve kind of morphed into being what they want us to be rather than who we are.

Portal energy helps re-shift things. It helps you get back into your power. This is especially
great if you are a goddess of optimism.

Go outside, intentionally raise your arms as if you’re pulling in the portal energy. Imagine it totally washing away any of that negative low vibration and taking it all the way off of you into the ground, disintegrating all of the blockages as it flows.

Another way to use portal energy, honestly, is to take a nap.

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes we are going, going, going and we forget to rest.

Sometimes our sleep is disrupted when we are encountering portal energy or we feel a little lethargic. We feel a little exhausted.

This happens because we’re picking up a little bit more as an empath. If you’re sensitive to the shift in the energies the best way to acclimate to the shift is by taking a nap. This is particularly great if you’re a goddess of peace.

It helps you just let it flow as your body shifts to that new, higher, more energized vibration.

How will you use portal energy?

So to recap, portals provide an open door for easy access to specific energies that help us
communicate clearly with spirit guides, have fabulous manifesting opportunities and upgrade our
spiritual vibration.

Portals happen every month, plus there are additional portals throughout the year, like the Lionsgate Portal and Merkaba Gateway.

To make the most of a portal set your intention, write your affirmation, trust your intuition, and take action.

Remember, even if you do nothing, portal energy is still going to give you that spiritual tuneup. However, if you wanna make manifesting easier and faster, tap in intentionally to the portal energies.

And if you’re curious about which goddess personality you are, whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can take the quiz here.

Thanks for being here! Remember that you are created from the divine, out of star dust, designed to shine!

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