What's Your Goddess Personality?

Do You...

Wish you could have less stress and more control?

Wonder why people come to you for advice and then do the exact opposite?

Wonder why making a decision seems to be so painful for some people?

Want deeper and happier relationships (and perhaps more romance)?

About Trish

Trish Mckinnley is a well-known multi-media personality, executive coach, and intuitive spiritual teacher, in addition to being an author, speaker, and Reiki Master.

Her background in personality behavior and temperaments for 25 years has helped corporations and individuals to better understand what makes us all tick. She has also worked as an actress and voice-over actor.

Trish has been a featured keynote speaker at large conferences, and she joined other high profile experts who were part of the international Your Best Life Yet Summit. Trish is a contributing author to the bestselling books 365 Life Shifts and Goodness Abounds, and her own book, 90 Days to Clear Intuition is being launched in 2020.