What is Goddess Energy?


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What is this about my goddess energy?

I am so glad you’re here to learn about your goddess energy.

By learning about your goddess energy, you are connecting on that soul level. You’re celebrating your gifts. You are remembering your value. You are transforming your life, literally, and in today’s video,

I’m going to teach you how to connect with your goddess energy, but first, you’re probably wondering, why does goddess energy matter and what is goddess energy?

Why Should You Connect With Your Goddess Energy?

1. Reduce & Remove Blockages

The number one reason why “connecting with your goddess” matters is because it diminishes or completely removes all of your manifesting blockages.

It transforms blockages because you love yourself on a deeper level. You’re celebrating yourself.

You recognize you deserve to be heard.

You accept that you’re worthy of receiving, whether it be money, love, gifts, that new home, that new job, that happily ever after.

2. Better Relationships

The second benefit to working with goddess energy is that your relationships improve.

Not just with yourself, but with every person that you come in contact with, be it your coworkers, your partner, your family, even the person at the grocery store.

Relationships improve because when you are recognizing and aligning with that goddess energy, you’re recognizing and honoring the goddess within. You are beaming and projecting confidence and success.

3. Self Love

The third reason why it’s beneficial to connect with your goddess energy is because you fall back in love with yourself.

You truly do step into the magic of you. You understand your vibration and you celebrate your unique self.

And you actually have less stress and anxiety because you accept yourself and don’t feel that you are less than. You don’t beat yourself up.

The entire vibration around you shifts because you truly are leaning in to the goddess energy of honoring, valuing, respecting, and nurturing.

Self-pampering and self-care become a natural habit. One that you feel is imperative that you do versus feeling guilty about an indulgence.

When you start to love yourself, you start to receive more love. You are finding yourself at the right place at the right time.

You’re celebrating and exploring more of your gifts and you open to more of the gifts of the universe, the creativity that is here for you, of all the divine magic and manifesting special blessings that are here for you. Okay, that sounds a little “woo woo,” but that’s what happens. It’s really spectacular.

QUIZ: What Is Your Goddess Personality Type?

What is Goddess Energy?

Goddess energy is tapping in to the goddess within, not the divine feminine, but literally the goddess within.

Goddess energy is remembering when you were a goddess, remembering your own goddess soul, when you are honored and celebrated for your gifts.

That energy is woven into your DNA. That energy is the goddess energy that, when you connect with, magical doors truly open, and connecting with your goddess energy is super easy.

How to Connect to Goddess Energy?

There are many ways to connect with your goddess self including meditation and journaling, but for today let’s keep it super easy.

Here is one thing you can do to immediately connect with your goddess energy.

This exercise isn’t always easy. It’s super simple, but it’s not always easy.

Find a mirror, look into it and say, “I love you.” Say, “I love you. I love you.”

Look into your eyes and say, “I love you. I love you.”

Whew! Not always easy.

There was a time I could not do that. Oh my goodness gracious! I couldn’t. It took hours, and I had some patient friends around me.

Here are some things that you can kind do to order to work up to looking in your eyes and saying, “I love you.”

Use a dry erase marker to draw a little smiley face and say, “I love you” to the little smiley face. Then line yourself up with the smiley face and look into your eyes and say it.

If you don’t have a dry erase marker you can look at your finger instead. Hold it up over your reflection in the mirror and say, “I love you.”

And if that’s even too much, find a photo of you as a little girl, and if you have some time, find one of different phases of your life. One when you were a rambunctious teenager, or maybe just a hot mess.

Find those photos and look at those and say “I love you” as you gaze into that sweet little face, recognizing that goddess soul that is in each and every version of you.

You’re a Goddess!

So now you know all the basics of goddess energy. You know why it matters and you know how to connect with that energy.

Yes, it’s one simple step, but not always super, super easy, especially when you’re gonna work through some blockages, and that’s okay.

Let me know in the comments- are you going to say “I love you” into the mirror, or do you feel like you’re going to say “I love you” to a photo of you as your younger self?

If you’re ready to learn more about your goddess personality, head on over here and take my goddess quiz.

Thanks again for being here.

Always remember that you are created from the divine, out of star dust, designed to shine!

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