Healing Affirmations for Manifesting Health


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These healing affirmations are fantastic for inviting experiences of health and healing into your life.

I’ve actually been using them in combination with reiki, acupuncture, and physical therapy while healing from Bell’s palsy. If you follow me on social media (@trishmckinnley) you may have wondered what’s going on?

You can use these affirmations if you’re trying to manifest healing from a specific condition or disease. And you can also incorporate them into your regular affirmation routine to maintain vibrant health always.

You deserve to experience amazing, vibrant health!

Health Affirmations

It is easy for me to heal.

I am healing swiftly and completely.

I accept that I am able to heal quickly and totally.

With every breath I get better and better.

I am aligned with complete and total restoration.

I deserve to be completely healthy and totally restored.

It is natural for me to heal quickly and completely.

I accept healing is easy and natural for me.

My body, mind and spirit are aligned with receiving and accepting total healing.

I am grateful for my quick healing.

I accept I am able to manifest quick and total healing.

It is my Divine Right to manifest quick and total healing and I accept it is so.

I accept that I am aligned, and receiving quick and complete healing.

I accept my divine powers for my complete, total and swift healing and it is so.

My every thought and action align with my total and complete healing through every cell, DNA, creation memory, from the beginning of time, of every dimension, for ever more. It is so.

I accept my divine powers align and attract and receive the manifestation I desire.

I am a magnet for my desires.

My body, mind and spirit are aligned with complete, total & swift healing.

I know my dreams best: I am aligned, receiving and accept my manifested dreams totally and quickly, with much gratitude.

My health is a benefit to me and all those around me.

I am healed, I am grateful, I am deserving. I accept it is so.

My body and divine soul work together in my best interest to protect and preserve my health.

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I am a vibrational match for my swift healing.

I intuitively know steps to accept swift and total healing.

My cells are healthy and filled with love and light.

I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise, I am strong.

I deserve complete and total healing.

It is safe for me to experience total healing now.

I am so grateful and thankful for my complete and total healing.

I see my body with compassion and love.

My body welcomes love, light, and healing energy.

I enjoy positive healing experiences.

I am open to experiencing a new level of health now.

Complete health and rejuvenation fill my body.

I release any trauma that led to this experience and move forward in health and harmony.

I breathe in healing and exhale disease and stagnation.

Health and vitality are normal and natural for me.

I naturally align with perfect health and harmony.

I deserve an abundance of health and vitality.

It is safe for me to heal quickly.

I deserve to prioritize my health.

I am open to receiving health and miracles.

My body is healthy and whole.

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I deserve complete and total healing through all time and dimensions. And so it is.

I listen to my intuition for the next right step for my healing.

Today, I am celebrating my abundant health.

I have faith in my healing. That which had ailed me has been replaced with perfect health and love.

I am worthy of vibrant health.

As an infinite being, I tap into unlimited healing now.

I experience magically wonderful health.

I am open to experiencing instantaneous healing.

Each day I celebrate how much better my body feels. It gets better and better every day.

Perfect, vibrant health is my birthright.

It is safe for me to be healed instantly.

My natural state is vibrant health.

I deserve to experience impeccable health.

My body radiates health and vitality.

I am so happy and grateful now that I am completely healed.

I tap into the infinite healing energy of the universe.

Remember- you deserve to feel great!

I hope these affirmations help you to welcome in health and healing now.

If you’d like more affirmations I have posts with fairy affirmations and love affirmations. I also have a coloring book with money affirmations available here.

Let me know any other topics you’d like affirmations for and what you’d like help manifesting in your life.

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