Gifts for Your Favorite Libra


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These gifts for Libra will give you some great ideas for what to get your favorite Libra.

It’s Libra season! From September 23 – October 23 we celebrate these balanced babes. This air sign is aptly represented by the scales, since she’s all about balance and harmony. She’s naturally funny (read creative, intelligent, excellent at improv) so when she’s calling people out and bringing the peace she does it in a way that is kind to all.

Libra would give Cupid a run for his money. When this Zodiac sign walks into a room she bring the love spreading it through the environment like the bling sparkling from a disco ball. Trying to escape it? Forget about it! Lovefest will happen with Libra’s determination and tenacity that will provide her with the commitment and stamina until everyone is feeling the good vibes!

Gifts for Libra:

Gold Plated Constellation Zodiac Necklace 16-18″

This beautiful necklace is available in 14k gold plate of your choice- rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. It’s dainty and elegant.

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Cosmetic Bag

This cute cosmetic bag is so versatile! It can be used for oracle cards, as a pencil pouch, for hair accessories, and of course makeup.

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Libra: The Art of Living Well and Finding Happiness According to Your Star Sign by Sally Kirkman

This book is filled with fun info about Libra star sign. From a quick overview to love matches, to cosmic gifts to films, books and music. Your Libra will enjoy learning all about their sign.

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Zodiac Mug Gift Set

I may have a slight mug addiction, and this set is beautiful! It comes with an adjustable bracelet, spoon, and lid that can double as a spoon rest.

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Zodiac Birthstone Charm Necklace

With this cute necklace you can select the birthstone for her birth month – either Sapphire or Tourmaline colored.

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Zodiac Sign Tumbler

Tumblers are like the new coffee mug. This one is customizable, so you can add her name or anything up to 15 characters. There’s also a huge selection of colors- check out ‘Glitter Magic Mist’, it’s so pretty!

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Script Charm Bracelet

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Libra Crystal Gift Box

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Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace 18K Gold Plated

This petite necklace is so trendy and can easily be layered with several necklaces to create a stylish look.

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Custom Throw Blanket

This cozy blanket can be personalized with your Libra’s name. It’s perfect for snuggling on chilly nights.

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Libra Stemless Wine Glasses

Any Libra can enjoy Wine Down Wednesday with their favorite wine and these beautiful, constellation patterned stemless wine glasses.

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Rose Gold Libra Zodiac Adjustable Bracelet

Rose gold and sparkles? Yes, please!

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Stainless Steel Adjustable Ring

You don’t need to get her ring size with this adjustable ring.

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Insulated Tumbler

I love the pretty script on this tumbler. It will hold 12oz of your Libra’s favorite drink.

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Throw Blanket

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Zodiac Libra Tumbler

I love that this tumbler comes with a straw and brush cleaner. The design is great for both men and women.

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Vintage Jewelry Display

The scales represent Libra and this unique display is available in 3 different finishes.

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Gift Set for Libra: Crystal Set

This gift set is so fun! Crystals, an adorable succulent shaped candle, necklace, and more.

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Zodiac Candle

Your Libra will love this classic candle. It’ll help bring balance to a stressful day.

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Jewelry Dish Gift for Libra

This cute jewelry dish will provide a special place to hold her go-to jewelry.

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Libra Sock Gift Set

Aren’t these socks so cute? These socks are a great way to celebrate her sign.

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How will you celebrate your favorite Libra?

I hope this list has given you plenty of gift ideas for the Libra in your life. Which Libra gift is your favorite?

If you need more ideas for gifts for Libra check out my Idea Lists on Amazon. I have lists with gift ideas, my favorite books, oracle and tarot decks and more.

Have a beautiful day,

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