Are Fairies Good or Bad?

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I frequently get asked, are fairies good or bad?

You know, it’s easy to wonder.

Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” definitely not nice, but Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, they totally are. And isn’t that kind of the case in all things?

There’s always that balance. That good and bad.

But was Maleficent really evil, or was she just misunderstood?

With fairies, let’s establish signs of good fairies versus signs of bad ones.

A few ways to know if a fairy is good is they’re helpful.

They let you see them and you feel joyous around them.

When in the presence of a bad fairy (not really bad, but mischievous) they move our shiny objects, which can be frustrating, if you let it, or it can be fun.

They will only ask questions or try to trick us, and frankly, you’re gonna feel bored or frustrated, and kinda be over it.

Fairies will appear as we expect them to appear. If you expect a scary fairy to appear, then they’re gonna aim to please. They’ll show up scary looking, and have fun with it.

How to Make Sure You Meet Good Fairies

Fairies are so busy, and only truly want to help us. They honestly have been hurt way too many times by humans, so they’d actually rather not even deal with us.

They know our hearts, so here’s the best way to go forward and ensure you only meet the good fairies.

Set your intention.

Our intention is the driver for manifesting all things. We have a thought and then begin taking action.

We can dismiss it like, ah, that’s a bad idea, or oh, that’s brilliant! I’m going to do it!

It really is as simple as setting your intention for only meeting and working with helpful and kind fairy mentors and teachers.

To do this, ground yourself.

Feel your feet planted and connected to the earth’s energy, solid below you, and then pull the energy up through you to the top of your head. Then let it flow back down all around you and into the ground.

Then, bring your attention to your heart and say aloud, “it is my sincere desire to meet a kind and helpful fairy.”

Feel this desire flow out of your heart and have confidence that the universe is handling it and aligning with your intentions.

You can use this strategy in anything.

Before a big meeting. To get peace in a hectic day. Before a first date.

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Trust your vibes.

If you’re a good vibes only kind of person, you’re going to attract only good vibe fairies.

Like attracts like.

So you’re putting off vibes. Look at your recent interactions to determine exactly what kind of vibes you’re putting out to the universe, and then just make any needed adjustments.

Let go of any crankiness or sadness, bitterness or jealousy or pain.

You’ll know your vibration is positive when you feel content, at ease, happy.

I’ve got a free list of 50 ways to raise your vibe available here.

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Trust your intuition.

Your intuition knows. Maybe you get goosebumps or you just have this super powerful gut instinct.

Well, if you sense something is off, then trust your instincts.

And this isn’t just with fairies. It’s in all things.

If you feel like you’re somewhere that has the wrong energy or you’re in a negative situation that may attract the wrong type of fairy, well, maybe just leave.

If you feel you would meet nicer fairies at a different location, rather than the location you’re at, then go to that location.

For example, you feel like the park next to your home is a great place, but for some reason, you feel you’ll meet a nicer fairy at the dog park around the corner. Then go to the dog park.

Even if you think, well, won’t they be afraid of the noise or the dogs, or something?

Don’t use logic. You’re gonna miss out.

Trust your heart, trust your intuition, trust your sixth sense and take action.

Know you’ve got the power.

What if You Meet a Bad Fairy?

Let’s say somehow, someway, a nasty fairy slips in. At any time, you can demand they go away, and it’s as simple as stating out loud, “no more for today. Until I say, you must go away.”

In any situation you’re uncomfortable with, you are able to say no thank you, and then put up an invisible shield by imagining a protective bubble around you.

Follow up with a good smudge cleansing as soon as you can.

You can watch that video right here, right here.

Have You Met Any Fairies Good or Bad?

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Fairies want to work with you. Are you ready to work with them? Please let me know in the comments below, and ask me any questions you have about fairies.

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