Connect with Mermaid Energy | 5 Simple & Effective Steps

Connect with Mermaid Energy Image of mermaid sitting on a big rock be the ocean.

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Are you wondering how to connect with mermaids? Today we’re going to go through five easy ways to connect with mermaids, whether you live near or nowhere near any body of water.

You may be wondering, why would I wanna connect with a mermaid?

Besides them being magical, mermaids help us with our emotions.

Frequently, it’s our emotions that hold us back from manifesting what it is that we desire. Because mermaids can dive so deep they can help us get to the bottom of things.

They’ll help us identify and release any emotional blockages that we may have.

Emotionally we might be going through a really rough time. We hit a rough patch of water.

Mermaids know how to swim through that just beautifully. They’ll help us navigate those waters whether it’s choppy, or smooth.

Mermaids are connected with our intuitive side, with our goddess energy, with our emotions.

They’re gonna help us fine tune our intuition so that we trust our instincts even more. They help us own our goddess energy, which helps us stand in our power.

And, did I mention, they’re magical!

Ready to Connect with Mermaids?

(As an Amazon Associate I earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through links on this post at no additional cost to you.)

Tip Number One:

Create a mermaid garden.

You might’ve heard of other types of gardens like a Fairy Garden. Well, it’s the same idea, except for mermaids.

What are items that you feel would connect you with mermaid energy? Maybe it’s a particular crystal,  a shiny little shell, maybe it’s something like sand and water. All are perfect options.

You can use things that you have picked up from travels to the water, or if you don’t have any, you could even visit your own local craft store that has shells, sand, and sparkly little images.

You could just make your own by having a special little box, decorated with mermaid colors, like purples and greens and blues. And in this box even include shiny shimmery things like you would see from the moon’s reflection on the ocean.

Speaking of the moon, capture some full moon water, pour it into a little cup in your mermaid garden. You’ll find that this little garden is a great focal point, and a great connection for mermaids to come in, and connect with you.

Tip Number Two:

Take a mermaid bath. Give yourself a couple minutes to set the tone. Grab any shells, candles that are, that ocean scent, and get the sounds of the ocean already to play. (Try this video for peaceful waves or this one of the sounds in the ocean, under the water.

Add Epsom salt, to get that authentic saltwater feeling and help your muscles relax.

I love this one by Dr. Teal’s:

Dim the lights, get in the water, feel the motion of the water.

Then connect with your mermaids. From your heart’s desire, send out, “Mermaids please connect with me.”

Feel the mermaid energy with each and every little ripple of the water. Close your eyes and listen for any little splash of the water. This is your time, so make sure you make the most of it.

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Tip number three:

Connect with your favorite mermaid deck.

Hold it in between your hands, so that you are connecting with every single card, place it at your heart and say, “Mermaids, please share the message you have for me.”

As you’re holding the cards in your hand, allow the vibration to flow for about the count of three.

When you’re ready, shuffle the cards and find which card pops out for you. Maybe several come out, whatever the message is, please read it and thank the mermaids for their guidance.

It’s great if you can keep track of the mermaid message- what card popped out, your initial intuitive insight, and notes from the guidebook. (Oftentimes, a guidebook does accompany the tarot deck. So read what the author had in mind when he or she created that particular card.)

If you don’t have a mermaid deck, I like the Oracle of the Mermaids: Magical Messages of Healing, Love & Romance Cards by Lucy Cavendish available here.

And the Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook by Karen Kay available here.

Tip Number Four:

Meditate to connect with mermaids.

Relax. Get in a quiet space, with the lights down low.

To enhance the experience, grab a crystal that connects with mermaid energy. Maybe there’s one in particular that you feel. Maybe you just wanna grab a shell that you have. Or maybe you really like a pearl or an aquamarine- those two are great for connecting with mermaid energy.

Once you’re comfortable and settled in, close your eyes, relax your body, and imagine yourself laying in the ocean.

You feel the tide of the ocean as it moves in and out, feeling yourself relaxed with every way.

And then state, “Mermaid, mermaid, please come to me. Your wisdom I desire, so mote it be.”

And then just allow your intuitive sense to pick up any mermaid messages coming your way.

They might be quiet at first, don’t worry about it. With practice, you’re going to find all of a sudden, you get a sense, perhaps you smell seawater, perhaps you feel a little bit of a breeze, perhaps you hear other sounds that accompany any bodies of water, like a seagull, or perhaps a crashing of waves.

Whatever message you do receive, whether it’s subtle, or maybe you don’t even notice any at all, just say thank you. Mermaid will connect with that heartfelt message.

Are you ready to connect to mermaids text overlay. Mermaid at sunset behind text.

Tip Number Five:

Create a mermaid journal.

Grab a piece of paper or something that you’re going to designate, for only your messages with mermaids.

Bring in the colors of mermaids. The purples, the blues, the greens, any fishy kind of colors that you feel connect with these mermaids, anything you feel called to.

For an extra boost, you can even wear some of those colors.

Now, once you have your journal, start coloring with those colors. You can use markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Draw an ocean scene or just add color to the page.

The reason why you’re coloring is that, you are pulling in the vibration that is their frequency, its a direct line. It’s like calling them right up- you have their phone number.

While you’re coloring, once you start feeling like you’re really connecting with this, start to imagine the ocean. Then start to imagine, a mermaid coming up and wanting to talk to you.

Next, take your marker, take your crayon, take whatever you’re using, and start doing loops as if you’re drawing waves in the ocean. It’s almost like you’re already beginning a little writing technique.

Then ask your mermaid to write out a message for you. Allow your hand to move, allow the words to just be there. Whatever words you’re hearing, if it’s a word, whether it’s a statement, a full sentence, perfect, write it out.

The more you start using your journal, the more mermaids are gonna show up to communicate through that journal.

Don’t be surprised if it’s not words, or a statement that you hear, but an actual image that mermaids give to you.

Whatever you receive write it, draw it, put it to paper, because this is gonna be a valuable communication tool for you and your mermaids.

So to recap…

Tip number one, make your mermaid garden.

Number two, take a mermaid bath.

Tip three, connect with your favorite mermaid deck.

Tip four, do a mermaid meditation.

And tip number five, start your mermaid journal.

To help you get started I’ve created a mermaid journal just for you! You can get it for free here.

It’s all laid out for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

In the comments below, let me know which tip do you think you’ll be doing first?

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