What Are The 4 Goddess Personality Types?


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The Goddess Personality Types are my archetype system which allows you to learn the most effective manifesting techniques for you specifically.

They help you to understand yourself at a deeper level- why you act the way you do and your natural preferences.

You’ve seen tons of personality quizzes floating around online.

By now you’ve heard of Enneagram, Human Design, Meyers/Brigs among others. These are great in-depth personality programs with lots of details to wrap your head around. But they can cause a lot of confusion.

Have you ever woken up in a sweat because you don’t know what an INFJ is?

Fear not! I’ve got you covered.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

My method focuses on only 4 personality types.

It’s easier to actually understand, use, and apply this information quickly and effectively.

Since there are only 4 main personality types it’s easier to remember the nuances and preferences of each.

So you can use this knowledge to identify potential friction or clashes in relationships and to come up with quick solutions and clarify communication.

It’s also easier to understand the natural defaults for each Goddess Type.

Why should you learn the Goddess Personality Types?

The Goddess Archetypes are based off of the original personality typing system created by Hippocrates as the 4 humors. It’s the foundation of most, if not all modern personality programs.

You will find a deeper understanding of your own personality and natural tendencies.

As a goddess, this is essential for learning the best strategies and tools for manifesting effectively. What works best for one goddess may not work as well for another.

When you lean into your natural strengths you’ll find that manifesting what you want is not only easier- it’s magical.

You’ll also learn to identify and understand they Goddess Archetypes of others in your life- your spouse, children, family members, coworkers, boss, your doctor, customer service people, even the repair man!

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate with others and this keeps all your LOVE accounts on full!

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So What Are the Four Goddess Personalities?

The four goddess personalities are Action, Order, Optimism, and Peace.

Each has their own strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies.

We’re going to go through each archetype briefly, but I also have a quiz available to help you identify your goddess personality type.

Goddess of Action-

She’s the go-getter, classic Type-A goddess. She’s high-energy, task-oriented, and gets things done her way. She probably talks over you BUT she will get you to the Goddess Circle on time.

Goddess of Action

Goddess of Order-

She’s the logical, lead by example goddess. She’s intuitively got the plan and looks fabulous as she’s delivering it.

This fashionista goddess can be thwarted by her perfectionism, however, her ‘good enough’ is ‘fabulous’ to everyone else. When she recognizes it’s safe to be seen, this goddess will share a shining example of a clear path to success.

Goddess of Order

Goddess of Optimism-

She’s the bubbly and super energetic goddess of the bunch. She sees the world with rose-colored glasses.

She’s positive and encouraging. While she often forgets and over-books her calendar, this goddess is the queen of silver-linings and maintaining the high manifesting, good- vibes-only zone.

Goddess of Optimism

Goddess of Peace-

This grounding, love-bug goddess gives her all to everyone and everything, which frequently means she needs a nap!

This goddess shows up with calmness and confidence. She loves supporting dreams and holding space in a healing, quiet strength, goddess-not-gonna-budge kind of way.

Goddess of Peace

Can you be two goddess personality types?

You may find that you identify as several of the goddess personalities- which is totally normal.

We tend to pick up traits from our upbringing, surroundings, and goddess friends.

Sometimes you may feel like align with a different personality to cope with certain situations. I call this masking. It’s totally normal, often done for a job or to meet career goals.

If you’d like a video diving into the specific blend you are, leave a comment below of which goddess types resonated with you- Goddess of Action, Order, Optimism, or Peace.

If you aren’t sure or want to confirm YOUR goddess personality I have a quiz for you available here.

Remember, you are created from the divine, out of star dust, designed to shine!

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