How to See a Fairy & Use Their Energy to Manifest Them Instead of Blocking Them

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Over the past few weeks I’ve shared with you how to use fairy energy to manifest and how to stop blocking fairy energy so now you should be ready to learn how to see a fairy!

You now know fairies:

  • Help you manifest
  • Also speed up and make manifesting easier
  • Bring joy, optimism and creativity
  • Connect you to the wonders, magic and unseen
  • Open you up to divine connection

If you believe in fairies and are ready to meet one , this week’s video is for you!!


10 Tips on How to See a Fairy

1. Desire

Now of course desire makes sense, and maybe you really are uncertain about your desire, that’s totally fine but you have to have a sincere desire to meet the fairies.

2. Remove blockages

You have to make sure that you are not blocking the fairies. If you feel like there is something going on that might be blocking you, then read last week’s blog to discover three reasons why you may, even subconsciously, be blocking that fairy energy and how to overcome it.

3. Feel protected

Be sure you feel protected. Whenever you’re going into a new environment, you want to make sure you have protection on, right? So, imagine yourself in a bubble that’s gonna let the positive in and keep the negative out.

protective bubble

Things that you can do to form a protective barrier: put salt or black tourmaline around the perimeter of your property, ask angels to put their wings around you and keep you protected, or imagine a perimeter of wolves and bears that are standing guard making sure that you are safe and secure.

And lastly, be sure to state, “Let nothing enter in except that which is constructive and good”. That declaration keeps all the negative energy out, and only the positive energy in.

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4. Believe and be respectful

Next, you need to be able to believe that you can see a fairy otherwise why would they wanna come around? Humans have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. So, be sure that you are having your own confidence, your own faith, that they do exist.

You also need to be respectful. You know that the fairies are taking a risk and coming forward to reveal themselves to you. So, absolutely be in a welcoming and respectful state.

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5. Relax and be open

The best way to be relaxed and open is to do a quick meditation. So get comfortable, get centered and just pay attention to the inhale and exhale of your breath. Pay attention to the rise and fall of your chest.

Allow your shoulders to relax, in fact, sink even deeper into a comfortable position. Let all the tension be released. Thoughts may come and go, that’s totally fine, but just really put your focus on your breath.

relax to let fairy energy in

And you’ll find that soon you are in a state of just being. When you’re in that state of just being, you’re going to be able to receive messages from fairies, from angels, from power animals, from the divine. So this is a great meditation to go to whenever you need an instant release and relaxation.

6. Pay attention

To meet fairies, you gotta recognize the signs that fairies are there. So you might feel a little gentle breeze on your arm. You might see a leaf or a feather. You may suddenly notice the scent of beautiful flowers or a sweet aroma. You might hear tinkling of bells.

So pay attention, and truthfully open yourself to the fairy signs!

7. Send out love

Next, to open up and see your fairy, put a message out from your heart chakra. Send out beams of love. Do you remember the Care Bears?


Remember how they would send that love out of their tummies, well think about that sunbeam, that beam, coming out of your heart. It’s sending a ray of love and sunshine and invitation of a heartfelt, “I believe in you and I would love to meet you. It would be an honor to make your acquaintance.”

8. Daydream about fairies

To meet fairies, you gotta daydream about seeing fairies. Fairies are not going to just intrude. They’re not gonna be like, “I’m here!” That’d be scary, right? And you might accidentally swat them away.

So, get a little quiet. Get comfortable and start to daydream. What would it be like to meet your fairy? What would you want it to be like?

9. Set the intention

Set an intention, “I’m going to meet a fairy”. Because you’ve already been daydreaming about it, you’re already mentally prepared. You’ve done the work so you’re showing the universe, “I’m ready for this. I intend to meet a fairy.”

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10. Put yourself in the fairies’ environment

Finally, put yourself in the fairy’s natural environment. Go outdoors. Sit in the woods. Go for a walk, without headphones, so that you can recognize and contact fairies. They’re goning to make their presence very subtly known. If you notice them, continue to go on that path or go to that place where they introduced themself. The more you get with them, the more they’ll appear to you.

By following all of these steps, you really will be able to see a fairy!

Getting to meet a fairy is such a magical experience, I hope you open your heart and take these action steps!

If you are ready to invest the time and effort to meet a fairy, you should download my *FREE* guide which gives you tips on what to do to make that fairy connection so you can manifest easier and faster.

Comment below, let me know, are you ready to meet your fairy? 👇 And if you know of someone who would benefit from this and  would also like to explore fairy energy, please share this with them!




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