Top 5 Powerful Benefits of a Digital Detox

Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Detox

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A what, you ask? A Digital Detox is deliberately limiting your technology usage.


Sounds like an impossible feat!


Ever done something you thought you couldn’t and then once you’ve accomplished it you felt like a superhero?


That was me!


What was that magnificent accomplishment?


I’m kind of embarrassed to admit… it was going without my phone at a conference.


For me that was huge! This really was a superhero task.


You can probably relate to my concerns:

What if my kids need me? Maybe I would need to look up the answer to a trivia question? Or what if a new message comes in and I need to promptly respond? I use my phone for work!


This FOMO, (fear of missing out) has had me completely tethered to my cell phone for years. In fact, I have celebrated multi-tasking with my phone.


I can pin spectacular meals, outfits, and meditation ideas on Pinterest while binge watching with my family. Or I can scroll through Facebook while stuck in a line. I can even tweet while waiting in traffic (not while I’m driving).


The conference was four days. You could check your phone in the evening, but I was exhausted so I called home and connected to see if anyone needed me or anything needed my attention for my business. Nope. Everyone was doing great!


I started actually changing from my lack of digital use! I felt like a Super Woman. My brain was alert. My reaction time was quicker. I was bolder and brighter.


I was becoming Super Sunshine- (cue heroic music) spreading light and love all over the place. (You can see the rainbows & sparkly confetti, right?)


So when I heard there was actually a week celebrating Digital Detox, I felt enlightened and a believer. Prior to this conference, I would not have been able to participate. My phone was like a lifeline!


I hadn’t heard of this detox until about a week ago even though it’s been around since at least 2010. (I began researching the exact date, but then got distracted clicking down the Google information hole and began looking at cute watches.) And, “Detox” sounds like a horrible thing to me.


This is a valuable practice though. Just like detoxing our diet helps us overcome health issues, detoxing from the digital world is beneficial.


Benefits of Digital Detox


“But I don’t wanna” you may be thinking. I hear ya. But check this out- when you detox, you really do become a Super hero.


1) Improved Posture.

1. Improved Posture- Digital Detox

Wonder Woman is the poster girl of great posture! She wasn’t hunching over a laptop or phone, slouching her shoulders over texting. Tossing the digital world for just a bit helps our body sit up straight, shoulders back and take in our surroundings.


Wonder Woman couldn’t afford to be distracted and neither can we! Plus, gravity is already wrecking havoc on our ta-ta’s. Let’s help our girls out! Wonder Woman sure did!


Better Posture/ Power pose image



2) Relief from Back and Neck Pain.

Neck & Back Pain Relief- Digital Detox Benefits

Supergirl doesn’t suffer from “Text neck”! Sure we bend down reading, but our increased usage from texting has actually caused additional neck and back pain.


Doctors are seeing an increase in complaints in upper back and neck muscle spasms, shoulder pain, and cervical spine damage leading to arthritis!


No thank you!!! We can’t fly when back pain is holding us down!


Digital Detox- Neck & Back Pain Relief | Trish Mckinnley



3) Improved Brain Power.

3. Improved Brain Power- Digital Detox

Mystique relies on her memory to access her changing power. She’d be busted if she forgot details or needed to refer to a Google search before morphing. “Use it or lose it” applies with our brain.


The good news is our brain makes new neurons throughout our lifetime, known as brain plasticity.


Woohoo! It’s not too late!


Digital Detox- Brain Power | Trish Mckinnley


Back in the day, details mattered for survival. We didn’t need to Google if a saber tooth tiger was dangerous. We knew it! Waking our brain up with noticing details, remembering appointments, and being actively present improves our brain function!


Not only does our memory improve, but our dreams become reactivated. Our brain fires back up stimulating paths we can take to achieve our goals, dreams, and desires. (I heart my brain.)


4) Conversations Improve.

4. Conversations Improve- Digital Detox

Black Canary uses her voice! Okay, so maybe she does have a screech as a super power, but she recognizes the power of her voice and being with others. She had great conversations with her dad, a cop and her mom, a vigilante.


And for all of us, conversations are necessary for discovering details, connecting with others, and creating a sense of well-being. (What superhero doesn’t benefit from that?!)


Digital Detox- Better Conversations | Trish Mckinnley


It’s easy to become a recluse in our digital world. It becomes increasingly difficult to explore outside when we have Facebook friends that we want to check on! Face-to-face discussions without our phones create eye-to-eye contact.


Inability to fact-check on our phone increases our creativity, conversations with others, improves our friendships, connects our experiences, and makes us feel valued.


Whose self-esteem couldn’t benefit from this boost by just taking a break from the digital world?


5) Better Sleep.

5. Better Sleep- Digital Detox

Cat Woman recognizes the importance of sleep. She’s alert and aware while crouched on top of a building. She doesn’t check all of her digital products prior to sleep because she knows the benefit of avoiding these items prior to curling up under the covers.


Digital Detox- Better Sleep | Trish Mckinnley


Cellphones interfere with our melatonin, that natural hormone which responds to darkness and assists us in getting better sleep. In fact, melatonin, discovered in the 1950’s is also recognized for regulating ovulation, periods and menopause symptoms.


Not only that, according the American Cancer Society, low melatonin levels increase risk of cancer. Scratching the blue screen prior to bed will create a peace-filled night of efficient and effective sleep waking us up to a puurfect day. (Sorry! I couldn’t resist.)




Digital detoxing will create a connection back to your Super self!

I’d love to hear what superhero name you discover about yourself and any other benefits you experience.


Please comment below and let me know!


Have you experienced a digital detox? What happened?


Will you celebrate this week?




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