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How to Mini Meditation | Trish Mckinnley

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Full disclosure. I didn’t know I could do a mini-meditation. Having meditated since I was 15, I used to think I had to sit for at least a half hour or more to gain any benefits. So, a meditation was absolutely NOT what I was looking to do when I was nervous, procrastinating or dreading having to get the courage to do something.

Cleansing breath checklist in 5 points

Hiding was more like it!


Have you ever stayed in your car a little bit longer to delay something you had to do once you got out?


Did you ever experience nerves so intense that you got a dry mouth?


Ever wished you had extra strength for a conversation with your boss?


I confess. A dreaded conversation, confrontation, or situation can paralyze me with fear.


Worry – another culprit in my emotional prison.


There are times I truly want to hide under my covers!


Mini Meditation |

Life doesn’t let us do that.


Life is meant to be lived.


But, how can we live it when we’re freakin’ out?

Mini-meditations are like a secret power boost. They’re the calming effect of relaxing on the beach blended with an invigorating mental charge.


Meditation is focused attention for a period of time to achieve a desired outcome such as relaxation or peacefulness.


A mini-meditation has the benefits of meditation, but in a condensed time.


Mini-meditation can be extremely short, as simple as one single cleansing breath, to a few minutes of focused, sitting-still-feeling-recharged.


Use this technique when:

  • You need courage (like telling your boss you deserve a raise).
  • For calming nerves (like before making a dreaded phone call).
  • To refocus thoughts (like when you’re distracted and now need to get back to task at hand).
  • To empower yourself (like the superhero you truly are).


Cleansing Breath- No Time, Need Peace NOW


Cleansing breath to the rescue! It’s quick and effective, providing a speedy shift for releasing and becoming present, when peace is needed immediately and when you need to quickly and succinctly get focused. Another plus is this can be done incognito.


Other times you can use this:

  • When there’ve been distractions and it’s time to get back to business. (You’ve laughed or had conversations and you need to return to the immediate moment.)
  • You suddenly need to call on your inner superhero powers for laser focus.


A cleansing breath will focus your thoughts and energy. This allows your thoughts and body to feel centered and grounded.



To perform a cleansing breath:


Pull all focus to you.

Close your eyes.

Take a DEEP inhale through your nose (your abdomen should puff out).

Forcefully exhale though your open mouth.

Rest in the energy of the breath (mentally count down 3, 2, 1).

Open your eyes.

*You can skip closing your eyes if needed. However, closing your eyes helps eliminate all of the visual distractions and enables you to achieve the results faster.

Top 5 ways to cleanse your breath

This practice is mentally eliminating all surrounding distractions and bringing your attention within yourself.


Mentally tuning out everything around isn’t so easy. Kids may be running around. Delicious smells may be floating your way or music may be jamming.


A tip for tuning out

Sense your energy radiating outward, like rays of sunshine beaming out from you. Whenever needing to mentally tune out surroundings, imagine pulling your rays back to you. This is like dialing down or lowering the brightness of your rays.

So if your rays were shining six feet around you, you tune down to the point where all the rays are shimmering, focusing on the back of your eyelids once you close your eyes.




Mini-Meditation {How To}

If you have a minute and can get a little privacy, then a mini-meditation will help you focus and recharge more deeply.


Mini-Meditation Process:

Relax your body.

Relax your mind.

Close your eyes.

Take a cleansing breath.

Focus on your breathing and only on your breathing.

Remain relaxed, calm, and peaceful while breathing.


When ready to come out of this zen zone, take another cleansing breath.


Become aware of your thoughts.

Become aware of your body.

Open your eyes.

Take a cleansing breath.


There is no timer you need to hit. You can vary the length depending on your needs. Frustrated with other drivers, I take a cleansing breath. When I have an important meeting, I take a couple minutes, center, and get grounded and confident with a mini-meditation.  Here’s what I used overcoming audition nerves.   This video is one minute and thirteen seconds. I’d listen and go nail my audition. That was a win whether I booked the job or not. To have that peace was a huge success for me and why I advocate mini-meditations so much.


What happens when negative thoughts and distractions slip in to your zen like moment?  It’s a case of Monkey Mind, swinging in with fun and mental chatter.

Monkey Mind

Sometimes being focused even for a couple minutes isn’t easy. Your brain takes advantage of the peace and quiet and begins being creative, offering random thoughts. If thoughts slip in during this time, do not beat yourself up. You aren’t alone.


Top distractors for me are:

  • My to-do lists slipping in (when I finish this I need to start some laundry. I need more detergent. I should add that to my grocery list).
  • Replaying conversations (I said that wrong when I was talking to Kendra. Does she think I have no clue now? Why didn’t I say that better? I know the right answer).
  • Irrational observations. (I should research who the random girl is on Flash. Ridiculous right? Although, it is a good question. The answer can wait).


Maybe you don’t have any of that and your mind is a steel trap and does exactly what you desire. Yay!!!  If not, here are 3 ways to deal with intruding thoughts (aka monkey mind).


Easy Ways To Stop That Active Monkey Mind

1. When you meditate, thoughts may try to slip in but you can let them zip on through without giving all your attention. Acknowledge the distraction and let if flow on by.


2. You can choose to quickly address, acknowledge, and let them go.

Say something like, “Hey thought! That’s cool. I’ll connect back with you later. I’m doing some awesome work right now. Peace out!” Any variation of this works.


3. You can mentally put them in a box. ????

If thoughts slip in, imagine the them being placed in a gift box that you’ll be able to open and address when you complete your meditation.


Once you’re feeling content, take 3 cleansing breaths (inhale through your nose 3 counts and then exhale through an open mouth for a 1 count mighty release.)


You don’t need a procrastinating motive or nerve-wrecking event to make time for a mini-meditation. You can easily fit it in during a shower, walk, or chores or where you’re able to mentally zone-out like washing dishes or folding laundry.

Practicing a mini-meditation delivers more than just convenience – it provides the same benefits as the long ones: lowering stress, increasing focus, and improving health. ????




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