Winter Solstice Rituals

Winter solstice rituals are all about honoring the slower, quieter rhythms of the season.  It’s like Mama Nature tucking many animals in for a long “nap” over the winter! 

The winter solstice is the actual day of the year when the sun reaches the southern-most point on Earth. (At least it looks that way from the way we see it.)

It’s also more widely known for the day marked with the fewest hours of daylight. After this day, we begin getting a bit more daylight and sunshine! 

Our ancient ancestors would celebrate the winter solstice by returning home and connecting with others. It was Party Time! 🎉 Everyone shared their blessings and bounty from the year and welcomed in the return of the sun. 


These winter solstice rituals are all about quietness, peace and relaxation, as well as, releasing what isn’t working and attracting what you desire.


5 Winter Solstice Rituals


1. Meditate to let go

Just like we shovel our sidewalks or driveways…this is a time to toss out all the yuck, negative thoughts, bad habits and past mistakes. And then welcome in the new light of optimism, hope and encouragement.

Let go now with this guided meditation so you can bring energy and light to all the things you do want in the New Year! (What will you have popping up in Spring? 💐 )


2. Shift Your Energy for Success in the New Year

After you do the guided meditation, grab some crayons or colored pencils. Download my Meditation Quilt to help you to visualize your quilt and you can use it as a reference afterward. 


Winter Solstice Meditation Quilt


You can color in the symbols, reflecting on the meaning and significance of each.

Fill in the sheets! Boost that frequency, Baby!


3. Use Crystals to Boost the Energy


Crystals are a fabulous way to boost the Winter Solstice energy. You can hold one whilst listening to the meditation or just carry it around in your pocket or purse.

Snowflake Obsidian: Represents purity. Helps you recognize and release negative thinking.

Ruby: Assists with recharging your energy levels.

Garnet: Represents empowerment and strength.

Rainbow Moonstone: A stone for new beginnings.


4. Celebrate the Past Year

Write a poem of celebration on your successes from the past year. If you aren’t a natural writer, a simple list will do!

By acknowledging your successes, you are raising your vibration, helping you to attract more positivity and success going into next year.

Let the magic of you be celebrated throughout this Solstice and into the New Year!


5. Embrace the Possibilities of the New Year

Light a candle and take a moment to embrace the possibilities to come. Write out your dreams to achieve next year. Blow out your candle after feeling the joy and gratitude of accomplishing your goals.




The Winter Solstice is all about letting go of old thoughts and embracing a new start to the New Year.

How will you celebrate?


Comment below, let me know, what is your favorite winter ritual? 👇

And if you know of someone who would benefit from this and would also like to explore the winter solstice, please share this with them!






Trish Mckinnley

About the author:

Trish Mckinnley is a well-respected intuitive manifesting expert, spiritual teacher, author and speaker. She shows people how to strengthen their own intuitive gifts in order to become manifesting magnets! By drawing on the Forgotten Tools of the Universe you will discover so many incredible ways that the natural world supports us all, and helps take us from stress to success!