How To Raise Your Vibration and Why It Matters

how to raise your vibration

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The entire universe is made up of energy that vibrates. Yes, even youSo, learning how to raise your vibration is about changing your energy. And this is dependent on your emotional, mental, and physical states.


Vibration is so important when it comes to manifesting. We all feel vibrations too. Remember that time you walked into that room and it just felt…awkward? That was you feeling the vibes!


Watch my video on what is vibration, why does it matter and how to raise yours or keep reading for the full lowdown on good vibrations!



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What are vibes, and why does it matter?

Vibes are our personal energy that we bring into a situation. It’s our feeling, it’s our wavelength, it’s like our own personal radio station, that we are broadcasting to the world.

That’s why good vibes only, baby, ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah. ♪


And our vibes leave an imprint: when we walk into a room, when we interact with someone else and when we are manifesting.


Vibes matter, because they impact our health. They impact our finances. They impact our love life. Vibes matter, because they impact how and what we’re manifesting. Vibes matter because they’re our energetic signature that we are sending to the universe and you know “like attracts like”. That’s Law of Attraction so what are you attractin’ baby?


Good vibes vs bad vibes

Bad or low vibes are going to be those vibrations or wavelengths that you’re sending out when you’re cranky or hangry. They are generally associated with anger, hate and fear. When in a low vibration, you may experience pain and discomfort in your body alongside those heavy emotions. You will need to exert a great deal of effort to accomplish your goals and thus low vibes can negatively impact your manifesting mojo.


There are also neutral vibes and a neutral vibe is that in-between kinda energy. It’s a tricky thing because you’re feeling kind of “meh”, but the universe is not going to let you stay in a meh vibe. It’s going to push you one way or another. So this is where the universe is going to bring some negative experiences, so you can know and affirm that is not what you want. And the universe is gonna bring you some positive occurrences, so you can say, “yeah, I want more of that”.


Which leads us to good vibes. Good vibes are high vibrations. They help us be at the right place at the right time and supports you to manifest exactly what your heart desires easier and faster. So learning how to raise your vibration is key to becoming a manifesting magnet.


High vibrations help us connect with our angels and helps us tune in with such clarity to our intuition.

Colorful vibrations


How do you know your vibe?

Well here are three different ways.

1.Emotions totally tattletale . Low vibrations are going to provide emotions that you would associate with a low vibe. That negativity, hopelessness, and sadness. Whereas high vibes are going to resonate with joy, gratitude and optimism.


2. Next, consider the encounters you’ve had. Encounters are those interactions and situations that you experience. Maybe you feel like you are having a shiny, spectacular day and everything is going right. Maybe you’re experiencing some encounters where people are so negative, they keep talking about negative stuff and you’re noticing that a low vibration topic is coming your way. Encounters give you clarity on exactly where you’re vibrating because remember, “like attracts like”. If your personal signature and signal that you’re sending out is a low vibration, well then you’re gonna encounter more low scenarios. If your vibration is high, you’re going to encounter more fabulous scenarios. Watch your encounters to help determine exactly where you’re vibrating.



3. The last way of knowing exactly where you’re vibrating is ease. Is life just seeming easy? Are things falling into place with ease? Are you feeling like it’s so easy to hear my angels? Is it easy for you to feel like you are connecting with your intuition? You know, even if you have a low vibration encounter, that it’s going to be okay. You are so filled with gratitude and hope, that the easy button seems to be on autopilot.


Our goal is stay as a member of the good vibes only club!


Next time you’re wondering where you’re vibrating, remember the three Es: Emotions, Encounters and Ease. When you consider those three things, you’ll know exactly where your vibration is, and what needs to be tweaked.


How to raise your vibration

Remember we wanna stay in the good vibes only zone, so even if you’re in the neutral zone, you can do several things to boost up into the good vibes only zone. You can stand in front of a mirror for 30 seconds and smile, taking a moment to really appreciate your beauty, your natural talents… your natural awesomeness!


You can also instantly increase your vibration by humming. Spend 30 seconds humming to your favorite tune. Or you can smudge yourself with a Palo Santo stick.


If you’re ready to attract more love, money or joy then click here for 50 Ways to Raise Your Vibe!


Wishing you good vibrations!




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