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Tell This Person - I Love You | Trish Mckinnley

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I love you.

Three little words that mean so much. Do you say them easily or is it difficult for you to express your love? When we first say them to another person there is so much weight and anticipation, maybe even trepidation.

Do they feel the same?

Will they say it back?

What if I make a fool of myself?

We make so much of these words when we say them to our loved ones but there is probably someone you don’t say them to nearly enough.  You are really close to and spend all of your time with this person.


Can you guess who?




Do you ever say “I love you” to yourself?


I’m sure many of you are thinking of course not, that’s would be silly!


But is it really?


When you say “I love you” to yourself over and over you remove the cell memories within your body of negative thought processes and replace them with loving and positive ones.


How many times have you thought negatively about yourself? Things like I’m not good enoughwhy botherI’m such a loser. The more we focus on such negative thoughts the more ingrained they become in our physical being. Think globs of negativity filling in gaps between your cells. YUCK!


And the worst part? If we aren’t careful we believe them. 


The good thing is that we can detox from the negative and defeating thoughts AND without having to change your diet!


Faucet with filter


It’s like using a filtration system on your faucet, but instead of a glass full of water you get a body filled with the energy of love. Think about love, joy, and happiness flowing in the space between your cells. Filling yourself with love raises your vibration. 


This higher vibration not only increases your confidence, but it knocks down blockages and helps to manifest your desires faster.


Saying “I love you” to yourself helps you to recognize at a deep level that you are deserving and worthy of having your dreams come true.


Throughout your day today say “I love you” to yourself.


Say it mentally in your mind.

Write it out on paper or in a notebook.

Say it when you look in the mirror.

You can even say it while you are driving.

Set an alarm for every hour as a reminder. Title your alarm if you can.


Phone Alarm Image



How does it feel to say “I love you” to yourself?

Do you notice a difference in your energy field when you are focused on love?

Take it a step farther

Keep the love going and do this simple task throughout the week. Think of the difference you will feel if you just spend your morning commute focusing on love rather than traffic.



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