Palo Santo vs Sage: Which Should You Use

palo santo vs sage

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When it comes to cleansing energy, Palo Santo and Sage are two top choices.

But there are distinct differences between sage and palo santo. So if you are weighing up palo santo vs sage: how do you know which one to use?


Benefits of Palo Santo vs Sage

Palo santo and sage both have healing properties and both are used around the world.

Palo santo has a great smell, however, it’s a little bit more difficult to light and it only gets rid of the negative energy, leaving the positive energy around. It’s super for cleansing a small area and leaves the area with a really good positive vibration. Plus, it smells really good.

Sage is really easy to light, and keep it lit. Sage is also great for cleansing really large areas, and sage also removes all the negative energy, it removes all the energy, so it’s great for new starts, beginning all over and creating a fresh area, attune to exactly what it is that you desire.

And both are great for cleansing and for boosting your immune system and ridding insects.


Palo Santo vs Sage: How do you know which one to use?

Well, first of all, trust your intuition.

Second of all, use palo santo if you wanna just remove the negative energy. Use sage if you’re really ready for that fresh start.

Or you can make it easy… take the quiz!


Let me know which you choose to work with, sage or palo santo, or maybe even both. Comment below and if you’re interested in this, you may enjoy this:

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