Venus Retrograde | 5 Ways to make THE MOST of this energy

venus retrograde benefits

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Do you know how to make the most of Venus Retrograde? Using the natural cosmic flow helps put you in the right place at the right time. So how can you use Venus retrograde and make the most of this energy?


Venus covers love, beauty, money, the finer things in life.

Retrograde means hold up, take a look, let’s review.

And “in Gemini,” means communication, fun, and spontaneity. 


So here’s a countdown of five ways to make the most of this magnificent energy. 💖




Number 5, the finer things in life.

Look around and see what items do you already own that you would consider those luxury items. Now for me there was a time when even a special candle was that luxury item, it held special feelings. So what around you will represent your luxury item?


Have that in your space, let’s say your bedroom, wherever you’re gonna be most of the time. Have those items represented because they’re from your past and you’re pulling that positive, loving, wealthy energy into your future.


Number 4, beauty.

Here’s the thing about beauty, I know you might be thinking, “Uh, beauty’s not, you know, skin deep”.


But here’s the thing about beauty, don’t do any drastic changes. Use this time to go back like when you were younger and you used to play with makeup, you used to explore new looks. You would allow yourself to try things outside of the norm.


Maybe you haven’t worn your hair a different way in years. Maybe try parting on a different side. Maybe just tuck a little bit behind your ear. Watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. 


Number 3, use this time to celebrate all of your relationships.

Now why would you wanna do that? Well the thing is, when you celebrate all of the relationships you’re currently in, then you attract more great relationships.


When you celebrate those past great memories that you’ve already made, then you’re gonna attract new, great experiences.

You’re gonna be attracting new, better clients.

You’re gonna be attracting great new opportunities to have and memories to make with your family, with your friends.


It’s a win win situation. So pull out those old photos. Pull out those old memories. Get together and celebrate! Remember, the sooner you start celebrating, the sooner you’re going to be attracting more great experiences into your life.


Number 2, Venus Retrograde in Gemini is a perfect time to do all those things that you’ve been putting off in self care.

You have been thinking about going back to school. You have said, “Some day, I’m gonna take that bubble bath”. You’ve been saying you were gonna read that book for how long?


Well, Venus Retrograde in Gemini is calling you out. This is the time to spoil yourself.


So put on that hair mask, put on that fluffy robe, snuggle in, and read that book, explore that career, binge watch your favorite show. When you indulge in that self care, that me time, that making you a priority, then the universe is gonna notice you and notice that you are a priority.


Your vibration is higher, which helps you manifest easier and faster.


And number 1, Venus Retrograde in Gemini is gonna help you figure out a matter of the heart.

What’s blocking you from your blessings? What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams? This is the time to figure that out so you can release it and get on with your dream come true.


Get in a quiet space and then ask yourself, show me what’s holding me back. Maybe you’ll have a thought that suddenly pops in your head. Maybe you’ll just have a knowingness. Whatever it is, trust the response. Your soul is communicating with you.


Is there something from the past, the way you grew up, that’s blocking you from loving, accepting, and appreciating yourself?

Is there a past message that you are keeping present that’s blocking your blessings?

Did you do something that you are still blaming yourself for? And maybe you haven’t forgiven myself.


Let your soul identify, whatever it is, so that you can release it and move on. Once you have those things, write them down so you don’t forget so that you can then do a little release ceremony.


State to the Universe and you’re gonna state that out loud. Say, “I release…” and then fill in the blank. You’re gonna release every single one of them.


So let’s say you’ve been holding on to some unforgiveness because of that time that you said the wrong thing. You know, maybe you’re keeping track of that. So then you would say, “I release my memory around the event where I held on to blah blah blah”.


Then after you say that, go to the next one. “I release blah blah blah”.


And then the next sentence would be, once you’ve released everything, say, “I accept and love myself just as I am”. And you’re gonna say that three times.


Now if you have a rose quartz, hold that in your left hand while you’re doing that too. That’s just gonna bring in more love into yourself and into your heart. If you don’t have a rose quartz that’s totally fine, do it anyway, say it anyway.


By doing this, you are shifting your heart vibration and you are making the most of this Venus Retrograde.


Use this Venus Retrograde in Gemini to empower your inner goddess.


To recap, use this Venus Retrograde in Gemini to bring in more abundance by surrounding yourself with the luxurious items you already have.

Update or explore new looks in beauty by having fun and watching makeup and hair tutorials and experimenting.

Celebrate all of the relationships you’re currently in and open the door for new healthy relationships that come right on in.

Indulge in finally doing what you’ve always wanted to do and…

Use this energy to love yourself. Forgive yourself for the past and move on to a fantastic future.


So you have five different ways you can use Venus Retrograde in Gemini. Comment below, let me know which one will you do. 


Gorgeous!  You are created from the Divine, out of stardust, designed to shine!



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