3 Ways to Make the Most of August’s Full Moon

August 2018 Full Moon . 4

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Every Full Moon brings impactful energy. In today’s video you will learn 3 ways to use this moon to uncover what is blocking your dreams from fulfillment.

Tonight’s Sturgeon Full Moon brings the energy to go deep and figure out what is going on with your dreams.

Talk to Your Angels

Before you get started with these 3 tips to use this Full Moon energy, talk to your angels and guides. Let them know that you want clarification and insight. You can speak aloud, write a note or just ask within your mind. Trust them to understand exactly what you are seeking.

When you are ready, ask your angels and guides to help you answer the following 3 questions.

1. Are You Over-fishing?

Are you depleting your resources?

This could mean that you are expending all your energy on one way of doing things, while ignoring other possible ways that might be even better.

Or maybe you’re so focused on taking care of your family that your dreams have fallen to the wayside.

Perhaps you’re juggling everything and just need some time to get settled and grounded.


2. Are You Polluting Your Body?

What does your diet look like? Is it filled with unhealthy food?

Are you drinking enough water? Or do you drink too much alcohol, pop and energy drinks?

What does your body need in order to function at an optimal level?


3. How is Your Habitat?

Is negative energy lurking around your home? Maybe you need to do a smudging ceremony.

Perhaps your body would benefit from a physical cleanse or even a mental cleanse to get rid of any stinkin’ thinkin’.



Sturgeon is known as a living fossil and has been around for 135 million years!

Connecting to sturgeon assists with accessing ancient wisdom, including messages passed through generations of your family.

Are there any sayings or beliefs that have been passed down through your family that may be holding you back?


I hope you take advantage of this Full Moon!

Which question had the most insight for you? Let me know in the comments!








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