Autumn Equinox Rituals: 5 Key Things To Do

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Autumn equinox rituals seem to be highlighted with Pumpkin Spice lattes, pulling out our favorite sweaters and discussing  the changing, beautiful leaf colors. 

However, there are more to-do’s to add to your fall fun! These autumn equinox rituals will have you harvesting happiness and harnessing the powerful energy of this day. 

Autumn is a time to honor the blessings and celebrate the harvest. Our ancestors used to celebrate the harvest festival of Mabon with their own rituals. They also knew it as a time to give thanks and express gratitude. It’s a time to bring balance and harmony into our lives.


5 Key Autumn Equinox Rituals


1. Review what is out of balance

The sun is passing directly over the Earth’s equator causing day and night to be equal. Balance naturally happens on this day. Use this energy to tweak areas in your life that are out-of-balance and celebrate areas that are balanced.


Consider things like….

  • Are you investing enough time in self care?
  • Are you making time for social life as well as business and family life?
  • Are you investing in your dreams?
  • Are you all go and no play?
  • Are you nurturing yourself as much as taking action?
  • Are you spending more time inside or outside?
  • Are you communicating face-to-face or screen-to-screen?
  • Are you allowing ample time day-dreaming or stuck in logic mode?
  • Are you using your time wisely?
  • Are you in the flow or stuck being in control?

Aligning with balance puts you on solid footing for manifesting the life you desire easier and faster. 



2. Express gratitude

Count your blessings! We know the law of attraction is boosted by gratitude. We know gratitude is a high vibration causing you to be a spotlight for manifesting your desires. This autumn equinox ritual amps up your frequency so you are dazzling and noticed!

Grab your pen and paper. Set the timer for 5 minutes and list everything that’s gone right! Everything!

Include…lessons have you learned over the past 6 months, failed attempts (cause that means you’re closer to success), small encounters, major moments, everything!


3. Meditate to get in the right mindset

The cycles of the season help us stay in alignment. Autumn equinox helps things, literally, fall into place. Meditating on this powerful time of harvesting brings peace and a positive mindset before hibernating.

Choose your favorite meditation and get in the perfect mindset zone. You can do your own meditation or listen to this short guided autumn equinox meditation !




4. Create a symbols list

Autumn equinox rituals do include the dash to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte, maybe even near a bonfire. Symbols stir emotions and deliver messages. Create a fall symbols list and write the meanings you associate with them. (Don’t overthink. Trust your intuition and write freely.)

Here’s a list to get you started.

  • Red leaves
  • Gold leaves
  • Pumpkins
  • Acorns
  • Squirrels
  • Sweaters
  • Hot drinks
  • Football
  • Rake
  • Apples
  • Brown


*Tip: Add these to your Intuition Symbol Chart (click here to download)



5. Let go and release

This has been a time of harvesting and squirreling away for the winter. It’s also an energy of letting go. Use this time for releasing! 

Consider various areas of your life. Intuitively sense if there is an area needing to be released.

Here are some areas to consider. 

  • Are there thoughts holding you back?
  • Do you have any beliefs that no longer apply?
  • Have you outgrown some internal stories or memories?
  • Are any relationships hindering you?
  • Have you fallen into any unhealthy habits? 


Once you’ve figured out any areas of your life that need to be released, you can do a simple release ritual.

1. Write on a piece of paper, “Thank you (fill in with what you are releasing) for the lessons you’ve taught.” Do this for every area.

2. Once completed, build a little fire, (this can be a massive bonfire or a tiny flame) then toss the paper into it saying, “I now release you with gratitude and love.” 

3. Once the paper is burnt open your arms as if opening to the universe and proclaim, “I am open and receiving all good things now with gratitude and love.”

4. Bonus – Take 5 minutes to journal about how your life is now that you’ve released the thoughts, situations or areas of life that weren’t serving you. Write as if it’s a month in the future. (This may seem silly but it’s super powerful for manifesting.)

Close-up picture of bonfire


Autumn equinox is an ancient celebration.

How will you celebrate?


Comment below, let me know, what significance do you place on autumn? 👇 

And if you know of someone who would benefit from this and would also like to explore the autumn equinox, please share this with them!




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