How To Avoid Holiday Shopping Stress

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We know it comes every year. Yet, holiday shopping seems to sneak up on us! We find ourselves wishing for Santa’s magic, wanting to borrow his elves or just hoping for a successful way to avoid holiday shopping stress.

Good news!

There is.

And it’s easy!

We often have the answer, but can’t hear it for the holiday stress; plus, our mind games – the ones screaming doubts and worries:

…. What if they don’t like it?
…. They probably already have it!
…. What if they are insulted with my gift?

Silence that Grinch-like mind chatter!

Take a relaxing breath.

Get comfortable. 

And let’s begin a tradition of having the best holiday shopping experiences!

How To Avoid Holiday Shopping Stress

Watch my video on stress free holiday shopping or keep reading for my 7 steps.



1. Create Your Holiday Shopping List

Seems like a no-brainer. But, there’s lots going on! Christmas music. Decorating. Family. Laundry. Cooking… Life!

To get started, check your calendar for 20 minutes. 

  • Book the time as ‘busy.”

This may not even take the whole 20 minutes!
If you get done quicker, treat yourself to some “me” time! 



  • Use a fresh piece of paper (not the back of an envelope, random scratch sheet or paper with other notes.)


  • Have favorite pens or pencils for the job. (An assortment of colors is great if you want to color code your categories.)


  • Set your intention to be efficient and accurate. 


Set your timer for 20 minutes.

Here are some categories to get you started:

      • family members
      • pets
      • extended family
        • aunts, uncles, godchildren, nieces, nephews
      • friends like family
        • godparent, bff, 
      • friends
      • family connected
        • babysitter, school teachers, music teachers, tutors
      • work mates
        • cubicle partner, lunch lady, receptionist
      • bosses
        • bosses secretary, bosses wife
      • business acquaintances
      • clients
      • surprise recipients 
        • I usually include 5 -10

Be sure to include several “surprise” present recipients. (This is where you have no idea who the gift is meant for.) When you do this you are dialing in to the magic! You’re allowing the “spirit of Christmas” to guide you. 


2. Energetically Connect

When you’re energetically connected, you align with their vibration. This makes you in tune with what they want or need as a gift! Woohoo!

Don’t let this sound overwhelming. This is super easy. You’ll spend NO MORE than ONE MINUTE with each name. You don’t need to take that entire time with each name, either.

Have your timer handy and begin!

1. State the name out loud. Broadcasting the name into the wavelengths of the universe makes connecting easier. Why make it harder on yourself?


2. Smile and visualize the person standing right next to you.


3. Assign an angel for finding the right gift and placing it in a gold box with a red bow. Remind angels of your budget. They’ll work with it and find the best deals!!


4. Imagine that person holding that gold box with a red bow. Imagine them opening it. Watch their expression of joy, happiness and surprise of you finding exactly what they wanted.


Maybe you’re wondering, ” just how am I suppose to connect with “surprise recipient”?


Good question!


You ask angels to align with the person who you’ll be giving this gift to. It’s putting it out to the universe. Trusting the process.


Actually, this one is the easiest because there are no pre-conceived thoughts making assumptions. You are totally in the flow. Go you!


3. Raise Your Vibe

Your vibration impacts your life. The higher the vibe, the more awesome your life goes.


Oooh! I’m so glad you asked.

Because, vibration is the signal you’re sending to the universe. A low vibe is a weak and muffled signal.

A high vibration is strong and clear! 

High vibration also…

  • puts you in the Universe’s spotlight.
  • makes you an easy-to-find manifesting magnet.
  • causes you to be a natural target for attracting amazingness! Woohoo!

Plus, intuition is clearer with higher vibration. Clear intuition provides less stress, more success.


Tuning into a high vibration will enable you to hear your angels clearly. They always guide us. This helps us clearly hear them.


You’ll find yourself at the right place finding the right gift!

4. Shop With Intention

Before you setting out shopping from your laptop or stores, set your intention. This is a signal of expected success. The Universe begins to take action. Angels take action. Everything is in motion for you to get the outcome you want.

An affirmation will boost your intention setting. “I will find the perfect gift for the people on my list.”

Oooooh, can’t you just feel the power launching? 


5. Pay Attention To Your Intuition

Your intuition will always guide you to success. In fact, listening and trusting your intuition helps overcome decision fatigue, frustration and regrets.

When you suddenly notice a store and feel like you should visit, park and go in.

If an internet ad grabs you, explore it. Were you led there for a reason? Maybe angels are trying to point out a unique gift that fits within your budget!


Intuition is heart-based, not head-based.

Don’t let your head butt in. Negative thoughts, worries and doubts aren’t intuition. That’s ego. No overthinking. If you begin a doubtful path then re-evaluate. Is this my intuition or my mind. Am I “feeling” or “thinking”. Choose “feeling” for the right purchase.


6. Confirm

Intuition is always correct.

However, feeling doubt?


Release it by confirming.

If you’re feeling nervous about trusting your intuition, use arm testing aka “applied kinesiology,” muscle testing for your personal response. This answer is the right answer for you!

Arm Testing

  • Hold your left arm by your side at a 90 degree angle. You’re gonna look like you’re about to do a shuffle step or be a choo-choo train.
  • Make a fist.
  • Establish a yes or no answer by out loud asking a question. Push your left fist downward with your right hand.
  • Notice if it fights to stay at the 90 degrees or if it breaks, releasing the tension.


Note: Your arm will be tight offering resistance. This shouldn’t be like an arm wrestling match. You’re just going for a yes or no.


Once you’ve established your yes/no use this to confirm your intuition. If you’re concerned about a purchase, then muscle test.


Even better!


Use the Fearless Formula. This confirmation method offers 3 techniques with immediate results. Find the one you like best and use for EVERY decision.


Got a pendulum handy?

Test using it. 

Establish your yes/no. Ask the qualifying question and watch the pendulum’s rotation. Once you have your yes/no established then confirm your purchase!

The power is in your hands!


7. Buy The Gift

Make the purchase.

With this action, you’re releasing the outcome. You’re trusting your angels. 

Angels told you to buy the gift. You were obedient with the Spirit of Christmas! Celebrate that you trusted your intuition!

Know with complete confidence that you bought just what that person wanted and needed. This is exactly what they needed to get!


These steps can be done together. If you want to take your time, do the steps over several days.

You’re going to dominate Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Once you do this, you’ll not only avoid holiday shopping stress, but every shopping stress!

Trust your intuition to make your holidays the merriest!

Wishing you a shopping experience filled with sweetness and love!




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