How to Manifest Using The Summer Solstice

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Would you like to manifest easier and¬†faster? June 21st is the summer solstice and it’s the perfect time to manifest what you desire.¬†In today’s video I’m going¬†to teach you step by step how¬†to manifest using the summer¬†solstice energy.




1. Set Your Intention


What is¬†it that you truly desire to manifest? ¬†Choose one, two, three things but don’t¬†overwhelm yourself with a long list!

Write them down and¬†be sure to add “this or something¬†better”.¬†


2. Visualization


Spend time visualizing what you want! Be really clear and some details using all your senses.


For example, let’s say that you were¬†hoping to manifest a house…well start¬†adding the details to that house that¬†you desire. What does it look like walking¬†around in your backyard? What does¬†it feel like to be¬†sitting outside enjoying a cool glass of¬†iced tea?¬†What does it smell like in your backyard?


By¬†visualizing and incorporating all of your¬†senses you’re going to be able to really¬†hone in¬†on exactly what you desire.


3. Create a Summer Solstice Focus Sheet


Think “vision board” but on one page. Grab some paper and colored markers or colored pencils. Trust your intention setting, visualization and intuition. Now, draw images or symbols that represent exactly what it is that you¬†want to manifest.


Tune in and trust your intuition and you’ll know exactly the symbol that’s going to best¬†represent what it is that you want to¬†manifest. Draw¬†specifically what it is that you feel¬†will represent what it is that you¬†desire. No need to be perfect. Create from your imagination!


Let’s say you wanted that¬†endless flow of income, you could draw a¬†money bag or a money symbol¬†and then right below it endless flow of¬†income.


Take some time! Don’t rush this!


4. Let the Summer Solstice Energy Flow


Place your focus¬†sheet by a window where it’s going to¬†get lots of natural sunlight. ¬†You can even add some¬†enhancements to this ritual by thinking about the¬†color of the Sun – like those yellows and¬†oranges – and¬†add those kind of colored crystals to the window ledge.¬†


Or to really give it a boost, add a candle that¬†you can light on the first¬†day of the Summer¬†Solstice (but¬†be sure you¬†do not light your focus sheet on fire!). Now while you’re standing there say, “I¬†appreciate all of the blockages being¬†removed any blockage keeping these seeds¬†from blooming is now gone.” Then blow¬†out the candle¬†and just leave that candle there with the¬†focus sheet and any crystals


The last step is actually the easiest AND the hardest!

You need to walk away from it!

You need to allow the flow to manifest!

Allow the sunshine to give power to your focus sheet, to your intentions, to manifesting exactly what it is that you desire!


Don’t fiddle with it.

Don’t¬†add more to the window ledge!¬†

This will mess up the whole energy!


Leave it! AND Forget it! The energy from the Summer Solstice will do the rest!


To recap steps for Summer Solstice Manifesting –

  1. Set your Intention
  2. Visualize the outcome you desire
  3. Create a Summer Solstice page
  4. Let the Summer Solstice energy flow


How will you use this Summer Solstice

to manifest?







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