How to Use Gemini Energy to Your Advantage

'Gemini Energy to Use' with Trish McKinnley

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Gemini Season is May 21 – June 21. The “Twins” of the Zodiac, Geminis bring energy every sign can use.

What positive personality traits do Geminis have?

What if Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman, Brooke Shields, Marilyn Monroe could share their Gemini secrets?

Here are 5 traits every strong Gemini innately knows!




1. Balance


Geminis twins can make it seem “two faced” when really they’re able to see a situation from both sides. A balanced point of view accompanies the Gemini season.

So where in your life are you seeking balance?

Would a more balance to your work/personal life feeling fabulous?

Is there a relationship that may seems out of balance?

Are you out-of-balance focused on the past and struggling with the future?


Gemini energy will begin with assessing each area. You’ll intuitively know how to re-claim your balance.

Honestly? It’s probably something you’ve already known, but haven’t wanted to act upon.

No worries! Gemini brings the confidence to speak up and speak out!

  • Identify one area where it’s feeling life is out of balance.
  • Examine with the energy of Gemini.
  • Make your decision and take action!


2. Communication


Geminis are also known for their ability to communicate.

Labeled “chatterbox, talkative, motor-mouth” by some of the other signs, Gemini energy will help you communicate what has been needing to be said.

You know that balance discussed above? Gemini energy will help you communicate it clearly and succinctly and leave before the words even settle.

Do you wish you were speaking up for yourself?  Are your desires not being heard? Is there a sensitive subject that needs to be addressed? Is there something not being said in order to keep the peace, but you’re dishonoring yourself in the process?

For example, work/life relationship is out-of-whack.

You’re giving your all at work (you’ve got bills, kids camp is approaching, groceries seem more expensive and if you show your “team player attitude” you’re promised consideration for the promotion. By the time you walk in the front door you’re smacked with exhaustion, deciding dinner, three piles of dirty laundry and a pet accident in the middle of the family room that’s been overlooked by everyone else.


Are you speaking out and sharing with your home? “I’m exhausted. I’ve given everything at work. It’s just a temporary thing, and I just gotta get through this project, and I’ll be able to have more one-on-one time. In the meantime, I’ve made a list of chores for your help. Thanks for your help and understanding.”


Or do you need to speak out at work saying, “My life is out of balance. I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to not work as many hours. I need assistance in covering this project because my work/life is out of balance.”


How can you use Geminis gift of communication to express yourself, to share your needs, to have your voice be heard so that you can have the life that you desire?

You will have that balance the more you communicate.


Tap into Gemini’s energy of communication to have the confidence to share what you want and need to say.


3. Outgoing and Social


It’s a party with Geminis!

Social and outgoing, Geminis are able to meet new friends everywhere they go! Use this gregarious energy to network, to open up, and come out of your shell. 

Say ‘hi’ and smile. Allow organic conversations. Chat in the elevator and in line. Meet and greet and be open to what’s revealed.

Geminis are curious, too. Use this time to explore something new.


  • What class have you always wanted to take?
  • Is there a special someone that you’ve been crushin’ on and yet you’ve never spoken?
  • Is there a different clothing style you want to try?
  • Have you been wearing the same hairdo and ready to try being a luscious lavender or pretty pink?


Use Gemini’s outgoing personality and natural gift of gab, courage and curiosity. Take that chance. Use that energy, and watch the magic happen. 


4. Playful and Lighthearted


Geminis are playful and lighthearted. This encompasses being flexible and adaptable. They go with the flow ’cause they’re havin’ fun.

“Uptight” doesn’t work in their personality. They know there’s more than only one way of doing things. They get over being perfectionists because they are flexible and adaptable.

  • Is there an area where you’ve found yourself in a rut?
  • Are you feeling boxed in?
  • Do you feel lines and boundaries are squishing you?

Identify one area where you’d like some freedom and ability to relax and release.

What can you do to be a rebel and shed the chains?

Maybe it’d just be nice to have fun again.

Remember when you were a little kid and you were playful, imaginative and creative?

How can you interject playfulness into your here and now?

Where can you give yourself some room to just enjoy, to explore doing it a different way, and where can you have fun again?


5. Lungs


The lungs are associated with Geminis. Probably because they are breathing in all life has to offer.  

What is life offering you right now? Is the summer schedule seeming stressful or relaxing? Is vacation non-existent or packed with to-do’s?

If you find that you’re stressing out, runnin’ around crazy, then take a moment. Stop and be still. Take in that big ol’ diva-award-winning Gemini cleansing breath and let the stress be exhaled right out of you.





Inhale all the air that the universe has to give to you. Re-energize. Know with that Gemini certainty that you’ve so got this!


No matter your astrological sign, you can tap into this Gemini energy and really use it to your advantage.


Keep going and tap deeper into Gemini energy.

 Grab your free Gemini Bonus worksheet which goes deeper with the Gemini traits. Use these additional strengths to connect with manifesting what you desire.


Apply the natural gifts of Gemini to boost your desires!








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